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First teaser for Hearthstone's next expansion released by Blizzard

An old friend returns to predict the game's future...

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The first teaser for Hearthstone's next expansion was published on YouTube yesterday evening.

In it, a fortune teller speaks cryptically about “calling a team in” that will plot and scheme their way to riches.

Here's the video itself in case you've not seen it yet:

These are the words spoken during the trailer:

One night I was called on to scry

But what is this symbol I spy?

It's my own crystal ball

Yes I've answered a call

And the others will come by and by

That's right, we be calling a team in

The masters of plottin' and schemin'

By this candle a-glowing

I surely be knowing

Who's gold will be once more a-gleaming

Incidentally, if that fortune teller looks familiar, she was also the star of the launch trailer for 2016's Whispers of the Old Gods.

This was an immensely popular Hearthstone expansion, so we're intrigued to see if we might see some old friends return to the game.

We know from a recent event attended by Metabomb that Hearthstone's next year of play is called Year of the Dragon.

There'll be three expansions released in 2019, including a massive new single-player experience, and Arena “seasons” which feature rotating card sets.

We'll have more details about this first year's expansion a little later on this month.

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