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First Qualifier Season details for this year's Hearthstone Masters announced

Qualification for the Americas region begins this month.

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Public sign-ups for the Qualifier Season of the inaugural Hearthstone Masters championship are now live.

To take part, you simply need to register with Battlefy, the official hosts for this stage of the competition.

The first Qualifier Season is spread across three different competitive periods. Here's who'll be fighting for their place in the next stage of the tournament, and when:

  • Americas - March / April
  • Asia-Pacific - May / June
  • Europe - July / August

Players who make it through the initial qualifying stage will then have the opportunity to compete at a special Masters Tour event associated with each region.

The first of these events for the Americas region will take place in Las Vegas between June 14th and 16th. The venue is the Linq Las Vegas Strip Hotel and Casino. Qualifying players will need to bring their own devices to the event.

Details of the Masters Tour events for the Asia-Pacific and European regions have not yet been confirmed by Blizzard.

Alongside this reworking of the professional Hearthstone competitive calendar, a new format known as Specialist is also being introduced to the game.

In the Specialist format, players will need to select one hero and then create a primary deck for it. Secondary and tertiary decks are also required, but can only differ from the primary deck by a total of five cards.

In each match-up, both players will begin with their primary deck, but have the option to switch to their secondary or tertiary deck for the other matches. The other player will not be made aware of any switches made, however.

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