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First Blackrock Mountain cards revealed at PAX East - Hearthstone

Images of the first five cards shown off at Blizzard's panel.

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Blizzard's Pax East 2015 panel has just concluded, and Hearthstone's Eric Dodds has revealed the next Hearthstone Adventure, titled Blackrock Mountain.

There'll be a total of 31 new cards included with the Adventure - due out some time next month - and Blizzard highlighted the following five new cards today.

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  • King_of_Hyrule #1 6 years ago
    Seems like Azure Drake, possibly already the most value packed card in the game, will go even more up in value:

    5 mana: play a 4/4 AND battlecry draw a card AND Spell power +1 AND just having it in hand activates your blackwing minnions :)
  • GealachNua #2 6 years ago
    Dark Iron skulker looks scary, seems like a lot of power for just 5m.