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Every Witchwood Odd or Even card has been revealed

Two Legendary cards and a handful of supporting cards are all that's coming.

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If you'd been starting to get a little concerned that The Witchwood - Hearthstone upcoming eighth expansion - was going to lean too heavily on the Odd / Even mechanic that's was announced recently, then you've nothing to fear.

According to an interview that recently took place between PC Gamer and designer Dean Alaya, the Odd / Even cards we've seen so far are the only cards from the new set that will explicitly reference the mechanic.

Asked if we'd be seeing any more Odd / Even cards in the imminent card reveal season, Alaya had this to say:

”There's just the four that we revealed in the video, plus the two legendaries. That's the totality. We're going to have a lot of Echo and Rush stuff too, which I think are interesting mechanics.

If you're just catching up on the expansion, those two Legendaries are Baku the Mooneaster and Genn Greymane. The former upgrades your hero power (like Justicar Trueheart) but only if you're deck contains only odd-cost cards. The latter reduces the cost of your hero power to one Mana if you only have even-cost cards in the deck.

That gives you the totality of the Hearthstone pool to make use of of course, but only the following four new cards have a specific interaction with this new mechanic:

  • Black Cat
  • Glitter Moth
  • Gloom Stag
  • Murkspark Eel

So, those are the only Odd / Even mechanic cards in the set, but what else is coming? The Witchwood will add a total of 135 brand spanking new cards to the game when it releases some time in April, as well as the new Echo and Rush keywords. There's also a new Dungeon Run-esque adventure to get stuck into as well.

Our Witchwood guide has every last drop of information on the expansion, while our Monster Hunt guide explains what to expect from the new single player content. We've also got a speculative Witchwood release date page if you'd like to see how we've worked out our best guess for launch!

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