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Duplicate Legendaries to be removed from the game - Hearthstone

Next expansion also guarantees a Legendary in your first ten pack openings.

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Major changes have just been announced for the way Legendary cards will be provided in card packs, starting with the next expansion.

It will no longer be possible to open a Legendary card that you already own. Instead, and whenever you receive one of these top tier cards, it will always be one that you don't already own from the set in question.

Once this change goes live with the next expansion - yet to be detailed but almost certainly arriving in August - this principle will be applied to all card sets that are available in the game.

Additionally, it will no longer be possible to open more cards than you could equip in a deck from any single pack opening. No more triple Commons, in other words.

As an extra sweetener to get stuck into the next expansion, you will also be guaranteed to receive at least one Legendary card in the first ten packs you open in the new set.

You can watch the announcement video right here:

A new promotion is coming too. At some point in the next few days, Un'Goro card pack bundles will be temporarily expanded - the price will remains the same, but the number of packs rewarded in each bundle will be increased.

  • The 7 pack bundle will reward 9 packs
  • The 15 pack bundle will reward 20 packs
  • The 40 pack bundle will reward 52 packs
  • The 60 pack bundle will reward 78 packs

While the Un'Goro expansion got off to an explosive start, the game's playerbase has waned in recent weeks. Despite a thriving metagame, many have complained about the high cost of entry when it comes to sampling multiple competitive decks.

With card game competitor Gwent currently enjoying a surge of popularity, this upcoming taming of duplicates - combined with a pack bundle promotion - is almost certainly intended to prevent players from straying too far away from the Hearthstone tavern.

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