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Disguised Toast discovers a new way to combo Exodia Mage - Hearthstone

Who said The Lich King's the bad guy anyway?

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If you've dabbled around with the Exodia Quest Mage format at all over the last few weeks, then you'll know it can be a fiendishly tricky combo to pull off, and there's a steep learning curve involved if you want to achieve a consistent win-rate.

You have to play a long survival game nice and efficiently, complete Open the Waygate, pull those Sorcerer's Apprentices together, gather your Molten Reflections, and do all of this without over-filling your hand. Oh, and it helps if you actually have Archmage Antonidas available to play as well, so you can actually build your infinite army of free Fireballs.

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Streamer Disguised Toast recently discovered a fascinating way of finding this last piece of the puzzle, however, without any Mana cost and thanks to The Lich King. This Frozen Throne Legendary card had gifted him Army of the Dead, which pulls five cards from the top of the deck, trashes any spells, but puts any minions that were grabbed onto the board. Guess who the last minion in the deck is?

Watch the clip below to see the penny drop for Toast, as he realises he can use his army of Sorcerer's Apprentices to play Army of the Dead, and complete the combo from there:

Do you reckon you could have spotted that play in time? Let us know how you're getting on with this deck in the comments. It's a very tricky but very satisfying way of climbing the ladder right now.

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