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Deck Importing feature now live - Hearthstone

Share your latest creations with the handy deck ID system.

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The new Deck Importing feature for Hearthstone has just gone live, allowing you to share your own creations with your friends, or simply grab the latest meta-busting decks from sites like Metabomb.

Our Deck Importing guide contains everything you need to know about using this neat new tool, but the process is really pretty simple.

Share a deck

- Build your deck

- Click on the name and select Share

- Paste the contents into a doc

- Select the long deck ID towards the bottom and pass it on to your buddies

Import a deck

- Select that same code and copy it to your clipboard

- Create a deck

- When you're prompted to import from the clipboard, hit OK

- Watch your deck be automagically created in front of your eyes.

We're currently in the process of updating all of our deck guides with these new IDs, so you can get started with the new feature right away!

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