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Check out these incredible real-life Hearthstone cards

Not enough dust in the world.

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If you've a keen eye for craftsmanship, then you're going to love the incredible real-life card carvings that were posted to Reddit a little earlier on today.

Here are all of the images we've been able to track down. As you can see, they've all been produced to an exceptional level of detail, with multiple depths to the carvings, embossed artwork and crystal clear text etched onto the surface.

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The actual creator of the items is unknown, and is only credited in the post as "a talented Vietnamese crafter". If you know who made these exceptional items, please let us know in the comments so we can give full credit where it's due.

In terms of minions, Sunkeeper Tarim, Deathwing and Kel'Thuzad all make an apperance, although we have to admit to being a bit stumped at the card backs. If you know what's what in this regard, let us know in the comments! [UPDATE: Reader Sycopat points out that the orange card back is from the Blackrock Mountain pre-order promotion, while the other is based on fan art]

This isn't actually the first time we've seen someone attempt to bring the digital game to life out here in the real world. Blizzard itself teased plans at one point to release a real-life collectible Hearthstone box, and earlier this month a series of 3D-printed Hearthstone phone cases were confirmed by the publisher.

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  • Bedders #1 5 years ago
    @Sycopat Ah of course it is, going back a way that is! Thanks for letting me know - I'll add the detail in.
  • Sycopat #2 5 years ago
    The orange one is the Blackrock Mountain pre-order card back.

    The blue one is not a real card back, it is based on fanart created by video game concept artist Yanmo Zhang (the design features prominently on his deviant art page: