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Card pack changes now live in all regions - Hearthstone

Say goodbye to duplicate Legendaries with the latest Hearthstone patch.

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The card pack changes that were recently announced for Hearthstone have been applied to the live servers a little earlier than expected. The adjustment, announced a few weeks ago, eliminates the possibility of opening duplicate Legendary cards from any given set.

There are some other less impactful changes too. Gone are the days of opening up a card pack, only to discover three copies of the same Common card, for example. As of today it simply won't be possible to open up a card pack that contains more copies of a card than you could field in a single deck ie 2.

The changes were expected to go live with the launch of Hearthstone's sixth expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, due out in the next couple of weeks. In a blog post on the game's official sort though, the developers had this to say:

"We decided to have this feature go live as soon as possible, so you could continue to flesh out your collection before Knights of the Frozen Throne goes live."

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Further changes have been promised for the release of Frozen Throne as well. Once the launch patch goes live, you'll be guaranteed to receive a Legendary card in the first ten packs you open of any given set. This should ensure that even the thriftiest players get to enjoy some of the meatier expansion cards nice and early on in the new meta.

Knights of the Frozen Throne has yet to be dated, but has been given a tentative launch window of "mid-August". If you want to get up to speed with all the latest developments, take a look through our massive Frozen Throne guide. It contains all the latest cards, and details of the new mechanics coming with the next Hearthstone expansion.

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