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BlizzCon 2017 in-game bonus items revealed - Hearthstone

Hearthstone's secrets remain under wraps for now, however.

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Blizzard has lifted the lid on the in-game goodies gamers can get their hands on if they either attend next month's BlizzCon fan-gathering in person, or just grab a virtual ticket to watch it online.

If you're not attending the show in person but want to grab an online pass, you can do so over at Blizzard's online store. With the exception of Hearthstone, all items will appear in each game after you've grabbed your ticket.

There's something new for every game in the Blizzard roster, although Hearthstone's special unlock is currently being kept under wraps! Still, here's what you can expect to receive in each game.

Hearthstone - BlizzCon 2017 bonus items

Hearthstone's reward is billed simply as a Golden Legendary. We'll hear details of what this might be after BlizzCon. We're inclined to suspect it may be a card from the next expansion, which won't be revealed until BlizzCon actually begins.

World of Warcraft - BlizzCon 2017 bonus items

WOW players will receive the Stormwind Chaser and Orgrimmar Interceptor mounts.

Overwatch - BlizzCon 2017 bonus items

Everyone's favourite monkey-scientist Winston will receive a special BlizzCon skin to commemorate this year's fan-gathering.

StarCraft 2 - BlizzCon 2017 bonus items

StarCraft fans will receive new skins for the Junker, Probe and Drone units.

Heroes of the Storm - BlizzCon 2017 bonus items

A fan of Blizzard's MOBA? You'll receive a new mount, a banner and a hero portrait if you grab the virtual ticket.

Diablo 3 - BlizzCon 2017 bonus items

Finally, those who play Diablo 3 will receive the Murkromancer Pet.

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