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Blizzard reveals Recruit A Friend programme for Hearthstone - Hearthstone

Bag yourself a new Shaman Hero portrait for signing up new players.

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Blizzard has announced a Recruit A Friend promotional programme for Hearthstone, providing players with powerful incentives for signing their friends up to the game.

There are a number of rewards you can earn for participating in this programme. Once the first person you recruit has hit Level 20, for example, you'll receive a new Shaman Hero, Morgl the Oracle. Take a look at his reveal trailer further down the page for an idea of what he's all about.

There's more! For each of the next four friends you recruit who hit Level 20, you - and they - will recieve a free pack of Classic cards.

You can find out more information about Hearthstone's Recruit A Friend offer from the official website, and also start signing up fresh recruits from there too.

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A few bug fixes have also been released alongside the new offer. Here's a complete round-up of everything contained in the latest patch notes:

Invite friends to play Hearthstone and gain cool rewards!

  • Pick up the new Shaman hero, Morgl The Oracle, when your first recruit achieves 20 combined levels across all classes.
  • Earn free Classic card packs for up to four more recruits!
  • ALL your recruits can earn a free Classic pack!
  • New icons make it easier for spectators to figure out which game mode you are playing.
  • Golden Priest, Rogue, and Neutral cards are now easier to tell apart.
  • Golden Hero Powers are now displayed correctly in the Arena.
  • Tinyfin Beach – Get this card back by achieving Rank 20 or higher in Ranked Play mode during the month of July.
  • Silithid Swarmer is now a Beast.
  • Khadgar’s portrait now has a drop shadow.
  • The Collection Manager now more accurately displays new cards.
  • The experience bar will no longer fill up after winning a game at max level.
  • Wild card rarity now displays properly when viewing flavor text.
  • Golden C’Thun’s buff animation is now gold, gold, GOLD!
  • Players should no longer appear as UNKNOWN after reconnecting.
  • [iOS] Hearthstone will no longer crash when the device is in a certain orientation when the game is launched.
  • [Android] Taking Fatigue damage after running out of cards will no longer result in a crash on Samsung Galaxy S7 devices using Snapdragon CPUs.
  • [Mobile] Fixed an issue that could prevent interaction with Heroes and Hero Powers on mobile devices.
  • [Mobile] You should no longer crash when clicking on the Social button to bring up the friends list on phones.
  • Fixed some audio, graphical, and UI issues.

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