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Blizzard announces Quest for Packs promotion and a new card bundle for Hearthstone

Play the game for a chance to win up to 3,000 Hearthstone packs from Year of the Mammoth

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A new promotion has just been launched by Blizzard which will see one lucky player receive a whopping 3,000 Hearthstone card packs. The promotion was announced on the game's official blog, and will run from 17:00 GMT on 1st February 2018 to the same time on 14th February.

How do you actually participate in the Quest for Packs promotion though? All you have to do is complete your Daily Quests during the promotional period, and each one you complete will provide you with a single entry to the competition. The more quests you complete, the more entry tickets you'll earn.

The first winner will only receive 1,000 packs from each of this year's expansions, they'll also bag the helmet worn by the Lich King in the Frozen Throne promotional films, as well as a gift pack containing a T-shirt, baseball cap and game pin.

Runner-up prizes are available too. 1,000 players will win a Mammoth Card Bundle (see below), which contains ten packs from all three of the expansions released during the Year of the Mammoth. A further 50,000 players will get three card packs - one from each expansion.

Back to that Year of the Mammoth card bundle for a moment. For a limited period of time, this bundle will be available to purchase, and will provide you with ten packs from the last three expansions for £16.99. You'll be able to pick this up from the shop with the release of Update 10.2, which nerfs a handful of very popular cards.

Note that entries for the Quest for Packs competition are limited to fourteen per player, so even if you save up a handful of Daily Quests you won't gain any advantage over the competition.

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