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Beat the Lich King with all nine classes and get a new Paladin hero - Hearthstone

Your ultimate reward for truly beating the Frozen Throne's single player challenge.

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Single player Missions make their debut with Knights of the Frozen Throne - Hearthstone's sixth expansion - and if you beat the final Lich King boss with all nine of the game's heroes, you'll unlock a brand new Paladin portrait.

The news was revealed in a special Mission preview hosted by Dave Kosak, and which you can view below:

A few fun facts taken straight from the video:

  • The Lich King has a spell called Army of the Dead which summons seven 3/3 Ghouls with Taunt.
  • He will cheat!
  • Depending on the hero you tackle the Lich King with, you'll face a different penalty.
  • Play as the Mage and your Health will be reduced to 1 - bring an Ice Block!
  • Play as the Paladin and any of your minions that die will be resurrected on the Lich King's side of the board.

Beat the Lich King with all nine heroes - and presumably nine different penalties - and you'll unlock a new Paladin hero, Prince Arthas.

Three new cards were also revealed during the presentation: Light's Sorrow, Corpsetaker and Bolvar, Fireblood. We're in the process of adding these cards to our database, but you can check 'em out in the images below. Our Frozen Throne guide contains details of all the other cards coming with the expansion as well.

Knights of the Frozen Throne will add 135 new cards to Hearthstone's ever-growing collection and is due to be released at some point in mid-August.

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