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Battle for the Crater is this week's Tavern Brawl - Hearthstone

A new Brawl hits the servers as we approach the expansion launch.

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A new Tavern Brawl is now live on all Hearthstone servers, and it's a new challenge called Battle for the Crater. In this particular event, you'll automatically be assigned a random hero, as well as a deck focused around either Elemental or Beast synergies.

Any spells you receive in your deck will be drawn from the class you've been randomly assigned to, although keep in mind that minion cards can come from any class! They just need to be a member of the particular tribe you've been allocated ie Beast or Elemental.

Given the random nature of this event, it's a little hard to give out hard and fast tips for getting your free pack. Suffice to say you should attempt to get maximum value out of the potential synergies in your hand, and try to think a turn or two ahead at all times.

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If you get a Flame Elemental, for example, it makes more sense to hold onto that bonus Battlecry minion until you can trigger the extra effect of a future, more impactful Elemental card. This is easier of course if you have access to one of the more useful hero powers in the game, and can afford to make practical use of it while holding something back.

If you're looking to get this week's Brawl wrapped up nice and quickly, the general consensus seems to be that Elemental decks pack a somewhat meaner punch that their Beast brethren. If you're really hitting a wall with Beast decks, you could always just concede - you'll be helping someone else out with a nice free win, and getting yourself closer to a good Elemental / Hero combo.

Personally we love this new event and will be heading back in to it throughout the week! Let us know what you make of Battle for the Crater in the comments, as well as any tips you've discovered for getting ahead of the pack this week.

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