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Balance changes and a new event teased for Hearthstone in February

Game director Ben Brode hints at upcoming changes for the Hearthstone meta.

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If changes are to be made to some of the more problematic meta cards in Hearthstone, we'll see those changes applied in February, according to a brief Twitter message made by game director Ben Brode yesterday evening.

“Been reading discussions about balance,” it begins. “We have an update coming next month which includes some cool events, and that is when any balance changes would happen. We'll be sure to announce any changes as the patch gets closer. See you at the HCT World Championship next week!”

While not guaranteeing a balance patch, the news certainly gives hope to those who feel the likes of Patches the Pirate and Corridor Creeper have become far too prevalent in the Hearthstone meta. Even though Patches will be restricted to Wild mode come the next set rotation, he may well continue to cause problems there if he's not tamed a little now.

The post also gives a clear indication that we can expect a new special event in the game next month. We saw a few of these off-calendar special events in 2017, including the popular dual-class Arena mode that saw hero powers and class cards get jumbled up together for a very different twist on the format.

As soon as we have more detail on either the next event or the proposed balance changes, we'll make a post on the homepage.

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  • Bedders #1 4 years ago
    It's just obnoxiously useful isn't it? If you have any vulnerability to board clear in your deck strategy whatsoever, you're looking for 28 other cards.
  • Bludsh0t #2 4 years ago
    Corridor Creeper is just the worst