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Arena synergy picks will be removed in a future patch - Hearthstone

The controversial new system will be retired after the balancing patch goes live

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The controversial synergy pick system - added to Hearthstone's Arena just before the launch of Knights of the Frozen Throne - will be removed in an upcoming patch. The news was confirmed by designer Mike Donais in a Reddit post over the weekend.

Synergy picks ensure that certain cards are presented to the player at the very start of the Arena drafting process. The idea is that these cards can then be used to gently "steer" the drafting phase, and give players the opportunity to build a deck around these core synergy foundations.

The system's come under a fair bit of fire in recent weeks, however. Some of the starting synergy cards are considered to be much more powerful than others, while other players feel that this change represents too much manipulation on the part of Blizzard, taking something away from the "purity" of the Arena drafting process.

Now we know that the system is on its way out, although a date for the change has yet to be confirmed. All we do know is that the change won't be included with the recently announced balancing patch, which will see some five cards made either less powerful or more expensive.

We'll update this new story as soon as we have a fuller statement from Blizzard on the retirement of Arena synergies. What did you think of the new system? Make sure you vote in the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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