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Hearthstone HCT Americas Summer Championship 2016: VOD, deck lists and results - Hearthstone

Everything you need to catch up on all the action from this weekend's HCT Americas Summer Championship.

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John is a freelance writer based in West Sussex.

The HCT Americas Summer Championship 2016 series kicks off in just a few days from now, and we reckon we're in for a bit of a treat. Eight of the best regional players will be competing for a little bit of glory and a fair bit of cash: $25,000 for the winner and a guaranteed spot at the finals held at Blizzcon later on this year.

We wanted to try and pull all of the information about the event in one place, so you can keep track of who's playing who, who's beating who, and how things are looking at any given time. There may be a slight delay in updating the results due to our location here in the UK, but we'll get everything wrapped up for you as quickly as possible.

When the matches themselves are over, we'll dig out the video-on-demand so you can catch up on any rounds that you might have missed! This is the first time we've set about covering this sort of event in this way, so do let us know in the comments if you think there's anything we can do to improve things next time around!

UPDATE: Now that the tournament is over we have moved the table down to the bottom of the page to avoid spoilers, followed by the video on demand if you want to catch up on all the action. Don't scroll too far if you don't want to know the results!

Deck lists

We're in the process of adding all of the deck lists that were used at this weekend's event.

Video on Demand (VOD)

We've dug out the videos of all the matches featured this week, and you can watch them via the links below!

Saturday 17th September: Quarter Finals

Sunday 18th September: Semi Finals

Sunday 18th September: Grand Final



Quarter FinalsSemi FinalsGrand FinalWinner
topopablo11 (2)
dude7597 (4)dude7597 (0)
Monsanto (3)HotMEOWTH (4)
Rooftrellen (4)Tarei (3)
Pascoa (3)Rooftrellen (2)
Abar (1)Tarei (4)
Tarei (4)

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  • Klck #1 4 years ago
    Im just about to start watching videos, i bet HOTmeowth is playing discardlock mostly. Im playimg this deck for last 2 days and gotta say its awesome. I went from rank 13 to 7 with great 77% win rate. It has good match up against shaman, hunter, druid and zoo, warriors match up mostly depends on win axe. I would just replace 1 soulfire with 1 power overwhelming.