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Alternative Frozen Throne cards say what we're all really thinking - Hearthstone

Let's see how those new cards are really working out in the live game...

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Have you been sampling the many new and refined decks that have hit Hearthstone with the release of the Knights of the Frozne Throne card set?

If you have, then you'll know that certain cards haven't worked out quite as well as they were predicted to, while others always seem to reward you with the one thing you don't need in a given situation. We can of course also all agree that the decks we're not playing right now are disgustingly overpowered while our own need to be buffed...

In the spirit of the new emerging meta, Reddit user Fahlm has put together a gallery of alternative cards which do a pretty neat job of summing up how these new cards are working out in the live game, compared to the pre-release theorycrafting.

We've added a few of our favourites into the gallery below, but you should definitely go and check out the rest of the album on Imgur! Thanks to Fahlm for letting us reproduce some of these for you on Metabomb.

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