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ADWCTA and TTEXXX win Hearthstone's Twitch Rivals Arena Draft Challenge

Find out who ranked where in the latest Twitch Rivals tournament.

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The Twitch Rivals: Hearthstone Arena Draft Challenge took place throughout yesterday, and it was the combined partnership of ADWCTA and TTEXXXX who proved most effective at mastering the intriguing format.

If you missed the original announcement, the Arena Draft Challenge sees teams of two attempting to achieve their best performance across three consecutive Arena runs, taking all runs within the competition window into account.

Points are awarded for each win. As individual Arena runs top out at 12 maximum wins, each player can gain a maximum of 36 points individually - or 72 as a team.

For the winning pair, that amounted to an impressive 56 points for their combined efforts, although Educated Collins and Faelia42 weren't far behind at all on 55. Dreads and BoozorTV took third place with 54.

Here's the top ten of who finished where on the leaderboard. You can view the entire results breakdown over at the public spreadsheet confirming the final results.

PositionRound 1Round 2Round 3Team
1ADWCTA & TTEXXX21181756
2educated_collins & Faeli4218181955
3dreads & boozortv13231854
4itshafu & dogdog13181950
5Bestmarmotte & Tars_HS18181450
6zalaeHS & ikeHS19181350
7general_hs_ & sonixpride20101848
8shadybunny & tachiiderp17121847
9OliechHS & Vinz14122147
10j4ckiechan & jambre20141347

There's no word yet on whether there'll be a follow-up to the event, but we'll add a post to the homepage if any plans are announced.

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