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A Frozen Recipe Tavern Brawl now live - Hearthstone

Tuck into one of the Lich King's recipes in this week's Hearthstone Brawl.

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The latest Tavern Brawl is now live in all Hearthstone regions, and it's a new challenge called A Frozen Recipe.

The idea here is pretty simple, and you have only to pick one of the in-game deck recipes that was introduced with the latest expansion. You'll then be thrown into the usual Brawl queue against another deck recipe.

Here's the list of decks you can choose from:

  • Druid - Pestilence
  • Hunter - The Eternal Hunter
  • Mage - Fire and Ice
  • Paladin - Shields of the Light
  • Priest - Shadowreaper's Revenge
  • Rogue - Jades of Death
  • Shaman - Remorseless Winter
  • Warlock - Merciless Sacrifice
  • Warrior - No Pain, No Gain

Win your first match and you will, as always, take home a Classic card pack free of charge.

Any subsequent games after that are strictly for bragging rights though, and your wins will simply be added to a running tally until the Brawl shuts up shop on Sunday night.

Don't forget to let us know which decks you're having the most fun (or, you know, success) with in the comments so we can all get our card pack nice and quickly!

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