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The Grand Tournament: Spellslinger and Argent Watchman revealed - Hearthstone

Two more cards are coming to a metagame near you.

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Blizzard has lifted the lid on another pair of cards coming in Hearthstone's Grand Tournament expansion next month.

The first of these, Argent Watchman has the rather debilitating effect of not being able to attack by default. Fortunately, a pinging of your Hero Power will bring him into battle during the turn the ability is used. It feels like a bit of a tough sell to us, but those who predicted the uselessness of Dr. Boom last time around will probably tell you to beware of predictions based on incomplete data. Let's see what other cards come out that might synergise with this rather clumsy character first.

More interestingly is the Spellslinger. There are worse three-Mana cards in Hearthstone - just going purely by the character's vanilla stats - but that spell RNG could really spice things up nicely. Any spell, you say? Even another Hero's class cards? Even - dare we say it - Flamestrike?

Whatever else happens to Hearthstone in the coming months, we can only expect it to get more unpredictable going by this new mischievous mage.

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