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Un'Goro crafting guide - Hearthstone

The best cards to craft based on the early metagame.

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John is a freelance writer based in West Sussex.

Now that the Un'Goro expansion has been out for a couple of weeks, it's a little easier for us to compare our early evaluation of the most powerful cards in the set with the live - although still developing - metagame.

The end result is that we can now highlight a selection of cards that we think have more than proved their weight in crafting dust. Although all of the decks that we've linked to in this crafting guide are subject to change over time, it's highly likely that the cards we've highlighted will be long-term components of the archetype.

With our usual caveat that you only ever spend crafting dust that you can afford to lose, here's the second edition of our snapshot of the cards we think need to be a permanent part of your Hearthstone collection. We'll update this list again with Rare and Common cards in a future update.

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