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Hearthstone: Twinspell Keyword Guide & Card List

How the new mechanic works in Rise of Shadows.

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Our Hearthstone Twinspell guide explains how the new keyword works in Rise of Shadows, and will be updated with the latest cards.

If you've read up on our Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows guide, then you'll know that heroes are being split into one of two key factions with the release of 2019's first expansion.

The Priest, Rogue, Shaman and Warrior classes will be fully signed up members of the bad guys, aka the League of EVIL.

The rest of the game's existing classes (Mage, Druid, Hunter and Paladin) will be thematically aligned with the so-called Defenders of Dalaran.

Both get their own fun new toys to play with, but it's the latter faction that will gain access to the new keyword being added to Hearthstone.

This new keyword goes by the name of Twinspell and, as the name suggests, it allows you to cast any given spell two times.

What this means in practise is that when you play a Twinspell card, a copy of that spell will be slotted into your hand (although note that the copy does not possess the Twinspell mechanic).

Unlike the Echo keyword introduced last year, however, you can cast that card again either on the same turn - if you've got the Mana to spare - or on any future turn.

It goes without saying that you're literally showing your hand somewhat to your opponent, and they'll know you've at least one more version of the spell to fling around. Still, we think it's going to provide some fascinating long-term strategy to the game.

That's how the new keyword will work, then, but beyond that we're going to use this article to maintain a continually updated list of Twinspell cards that are coming to the game.

It's pretty short for now, but as new cards in this category are revealed in the run up to launch on Tuesday 9th April, we'll add them in.

Twinspell Cards

Here are the Twinspell cards that have been confirmed by Blizzard so far. We'll have more for you as they're shown off in the run up to release.

  • The Forest's Aid

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