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Hearthstone Tombs of Terror release date schedule, treasures and guides

Tomb and Gloom.

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Hearthstone’s single-player mode for the Saviors of Uldum expansion is soon to be upon us, and we’re excited to delve into the Tombs of Terror and deliver justice to the League of E.V.I.L. and their dastardly schemes. This article contains everything we know about the Tombs of Terror, including the release date, unique treasures, Plague Lord guides and more.

When does Tombs of Terror release?

The first two chapters of Tombs of Terror are slated for release on Tuesday 17th September, and future chapters will roll out post-launch. Chapter 3 comes out on Tuesday 24th September, and chapter 4 alongside the Finale will drop on Tuesday 1st October.

  • Chapter 1 & 2: Tuesday 17th September
  • Chapter 3: Tuesday 24th September
  • Chapter 4 & Finale: Tuesday 1st October

Tombs of Terror Price

The pre-order price is £16.99, and after the first two chapters go live, the standard Adventure will be available at a lower price, without the Card Back and random Legendary minion included. Each individual chapter can be purchased for 700 in-game gold after the adventure releases.

Signature Treasures

Each member of the illustrious League of Explorers possesses six unique treasures they can take advantage of throughout their underground quest. We’ve got a quick and easy directory of each of these treasures and their powers. You’ll start your adventure with one of these treasures, and will need to unlock other options as you explore.

Reno Jackson

  • Reno’s Lucky Hat
  • Reno’s Crafty Lasso
  • Reno’s Magical Torch
  • Jr. Tomb Diver
  • Lei Flamepaw
  • The Gatling Wand

When we have all the information on these treasures, we’ll put up a guide hub for all the new treasures and some tips on how best to use them. Keep an eye out for that!

Hero Powers

In a similar way to the Dalaran Heist from Rise of Shadows, Tombs of Terror will allow you to choose a Hero Power unique to the game’s single-player modes. We’ll keep this section updated once more details are unveiled!

Raid bosses

The Plague Lord bosses are the main attraction of the Tombs of Terror. Physical manifestations of the various Plague spells brought about by the League of E.V.I.L., these terrifying bosses will take the form of raid bosses, with enormous health totals (up to 300!) and changing forms that’ll become more and more dangerous as you whittle them down.

Never fear though! If you get wiped out by a boss, you can always give it another go, and the damage you’ve dealt so far will remain.

We’ll keep this page updated with our top tips to overcome these massive monsters too, so if you’re struggling then our boss guides will be all here!

As for the current details on who the bosses will be, we know a bit from the latest Hearthside Chat. The first stage will be The Lost City of the Tol’vir, which has been taken over by the Plague of Murlocs"/>. The adventure uses the ‘Twist’ system in a similar vein to The Dalaran Heist. The Twist for The Lost City is called ‘Murlocs, Everywhere!’, the effect of which is unconfirmed. Maybe it’ll just spawn Murlocs out of nowhere constantly, or make every minion count as a Murloc for ludicrous synergies and terrifying combos. We’ll keep you updated!

Story Theories

The Tombs of Terror reveal has got fans speculating on Reddit on what the Year of the Dragon’s trilogy could bring. As Saviors of Uldum is the middle chapter, many are expecting some exciting twists and turns to take place. A comment from Reddit user captaintelescopio led to many predicting that Rafaam, the League of E.V.I.L.’s Arch-Villain and leader, would make a shock face turn and join the League of Explorers. After all, his Warlock class is the only one not given a space in the adventure’s dual-class heroes, and honestly he does seem like more of an easygoing guy than the more sinister members of the League of E.V.I.L. like Madame Lazul.

That’s all we’ve got for now. Keep an eye out for the info you need - we’ll have some guides ready as soon as we dive into the crypts, so check back if you need a helping hand!

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