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Dalaran Heist Treasure Cards and Passive Treasures

Everything you need to know ahead of the Dalaran Heist launch.

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On this page you'll find a complete list of every Dalaran Heist Treasure Card and Passive Treasure, with full descriptions to be added over time.

As you work through each chapter of the Dalaran Heist, you'll get to add the odd Treasure Card and Passive Treasure to the deck you're slowly developing.

Treasure Cards are powerful spells that you actively cast in order to gain their benefits. Passive Treasures - as you've probably guessed - are applied automatically at the start of each encounter. You don't need to spend any Mana to benefit from them, and the effect lasts all match long.

In this page of our Dalaran Heist guide we've pulled together a list of every card you can potentially draw into, and we'll have descriptions for you in the next update.

There's no guarantee you'll get any of these in your next run, rather you'll have to choose from one of three that have been selected at random from the overall pool.

When you're done here, make sure you take a look through the rest of our comprehensive Dalaran Heist guide!

Treasure Cards

Annoy-o HornTBC
Big BoombaTBC
Continuum ColliderTBC
Dagwik StickytoeTBC
Dreamgrove RingTBC
Elder TaggawagTBC
EVIL PropagandaTBC
Gnomish Army KnifeTBC
Loyal HenchmanTBC
Master SchemeTBC
Sow the SeedsTBC
Super Simian SphereTBC
The BoxTBC
The MuscleTBC
Untold SplendorTBC

Passive Treasures

Crystal GemStart with an extra Mana Crystal
Dr. Boom's RemoteTBC
Elixir of VileTBC
Elixir of VimTBC
ExpediteYour minions cost (1) less
First Aid KitAt the end of your turn, restore 2 Health to all friendly characters
Glyph of WardingEnemy minions cost (1) more
Robes of GaudinessTBC
Rocket BackpacksTBC
Small BackpacksAt the start of the game, draw 2 cards
The Hand of RafaamTBC
Togwaggle's DiceTBC
Totem of the DeadYour Deathrattles trigger twice
Wondrous WisdomballTBC
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