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Hearthstone: Tavern Brawl - An Ancient Recipe - Hearthstone

Blizzard turns to the Deck Recipe system in this all-new brawl.

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The latest Hearthstone Tavern Brawl has gone live in the game, and it's a completely new challenge to get stuck into this week!

Here's the official description:

"Un'goro has lain dormant or eons...and it hides many delicious treats! Pick a class and we'll cook you up the Un'Goro Deck Recipe for that hero."

Nice and simple then. Pick a class and you'll get a pre-made deck to head into battle with, based on the Deck Recipe system that was added to Hearthstone with the release of the Old Gods expansion.

Which one will you actually get though? To help you prepare for battle, you'll be able to access the specific deck lists using the links below.

Where we have a related guide for the deck in question, we've also included a link for it on the same page. While the precise deck lists will differ from those created by Blizzard, the general strategy required to play each one won't, so they should still be good primers.

Don't forget to let us know which of these you're finding most success with in the comments. If we had to guess, we'd suggest the Rogue and Warrior Quest decks are probably your best bet if you're looking to tick off your first win nice and quickly.

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