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Storming Stormwind strategy guide - Hearthstone

Essential tips and tricks for winning the Storming Stormwind Tavern Brawl.

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Well this is a fun one, and certainly a new twist for the Tavern Brawl format! Instead of going up against another opponent, in Storming Stormwind your challenge is to lay siege to the famous Warcraft city itself in an AI duel.

Your specific objective? Simply do as much damage as you can to Stormwind before its forces overwhelm you. There's no upper limit we're aware of to the city's potential to take damage, and so it will beat you eventually. Still, you'll get a scoreboard at the end of each battle so that you can see how much damage you did, how many minions you killed, and how many turns you managed to survive.

In our Storming Stormwind guide, we'll go through the rules of engagement, provide you with some essential tips about how the mechanics of the encounter work, and then make some recommendations about minions, decks and Heroes that you might like to consider working with.

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Official description

“Lay siege to Stormwind! The city starts with 1 health and goes up as you hit it. How much damage can YOU do?”

Tips and strategy advice

Your opponent Stormwind wields a 0/1 weapon that increases in attacking value every single turn. In addition, Stormwind can also use its Hero Power to summon a Stormwind Soldier that's influenced by the size of the weapon. Here are the three possible soldiers it can bring onto the board:

  • Battle Standard: 0/2 that grants + 2 Attack to minions on either side of it.
  • Shieldsman: 0/2 with a Battlecry that gains Health equivalent to the Stormwind weapon's Attack.
  • Swordsman: 1/1 which gains both Attack and Health values equivalent to the weapon's Attack value.

The most important thing to understand about this match is that as long as you don't hit Concede - and you let the match play out to its conclusion - you will receive your free card pack. The city wins sooner or later, so just accept the inevitably of defeat and do your best!

For the quickest possible win, you can pick a class like Warlock and just furiously Life Tap until you die - this, in addition to Stormwind's damage, should finish things up pretty quickly.

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Deck lists and best class

There are no specific win conditions for Storming Stormwind, and so it really doesn't matter which deck and Hero you choose. As long as the game plays itself out naturally enough, then you'll eventually lose but still get your free card pack.

If you want to have a lot of fun doing an awful lot of damage, try this deck list and strategy cooked up by Reddit user hx9

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