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Hearthstone: Rumble Run release time - US, UK & Europe (PT, GMT, CET)

When the next slice of single-player content will go live in Hearthstone.

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Our Rumble Run release time page contains launch details for the US, UK and European timezones, with times for other regions of the world as well.

A new slice of single-player content is coming to Hearthstone a little later on this week (Thursday 13th December, to be precise), and if you enjoyed the likes of Monster Hunt and Dungeon Run then we've got some good news for you.

Rumble Run will once again see you choosing a side to fight for, before heading in to deal with a series of boss encounters, while growing your deck with random reward choices as you make it through each battle.

When does Rumble Run release though? Although Blizzard hasn't provided an official announcement for the start time, they've been pretty consistent at hitting a 10:00am PST launch window in recent months, so we're confident they'll do the same this time around.

If you're based in the US then that's nice and easy to work out, but what if you live somewhere else in the world? To help you out, you can reference the release time chart which we've included below. That should help ensure you're online at the right time, wherever you happen to live.

Our Rumble Run guide contains everything you need to know about the new single-player mode and will be updated continuously with strategy advice at launch!

Rumble Run Launch Times

EuropeAmericasAsia / Pacific (14th December)
6:00pm GMT10:00am PT2:00am SGT
7:00pm CET11:00pm MT3:00am JST
9:00pm MSK12:00pm CT3:00am KST
13:00pm ET2:00am CST
15:00pm ADT4:00am AEST
15:00pm BRT6:00am NZST

Rumble Run Overview

If you've been too busy messing around with the new Rastakhan's Rumble cards to even think about the single-player side of things, here's what you can expect when Rumble Run goes live later on this week:

  • You begin the game as Rikkar, a Troll champion in need of a team. Your first choice is to pick that team.
  • The team you choose has a dedicated Shrine which provides you with a special bonus effect as long as it's active.
  • If your Shrine is destroyed, you'll have to wait three turns for it to stop being dormant and come back to life once again.
  • As you beat bosses, you'll be able to add new spells and minions to your deck, steering it in a direction of your choosing.
  • There are special Teammate minions to acquire, which are particularly powerful minions. Each of the nine class-based teams have a total of six Teammates that you can potentially draw into.
  • Details of how the boss encounters will work have not yet been confirmed.
  • Beat Rumble Run and you'll earn a unique card back to show off in-game.

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