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Heroic Brawl guide - Hearthstone

Everything you need to know about the new Brawl format heading to Hearthstone.

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Something rather different is coming Hearthstone’s way in the very near future, when the usual Tavern Brawl system gives way to something Blizzard calls Heroic Brawl. In this special event, you’ll be challenged with building a deck that you’re then locked-in to using for the duration of the run. If you win 12 games you’ll receive the juiciest rewards, but rack up three losses and you’re out - a bit like Arena, but with better rewards and a higher price of entry…

To get you up to speed with this exciting new challenge, we wanted to put together a Heroic Brawl guide that contains everything you need to know about the new format: how much it costs to participate, the rewards you can expect to receive from getting stuck into the competition and so on.

Entry Fee

If you’re light on real money or Gold, you might want to take a seat before reading on. For each attempt you want to make at this challenge, you’ll need to stump up either 1,000 Gold or $9.99 (regional prices to be confirmed once the event is live). No freebies for the duration of this particular Tavern Brawl.

Once you’ve handed over your currency of choice, you’ll then be tasked with building the best possible deck you can craft. Once finished you will be committed to using that deck for the duration of the run in question, so make sure you choose wisely and pick a competitive deck that you are experienced with. Note that Heroic Brawl uses the Standard format, so no Wild cards for you.

We know that you’ll be able to participate in multiple attempts while the event is live, but we don’t yet know what the upper limit is. So far, Blizzard has only confirmed that you can get stuck into “a limited amount of runs”.


The better you do in Heroic Brawl, the better the rewards you’ll receive. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to receive for each tier of success you’re capable of reaching. Note that the Dust and Gold values displayed here are approximate.

WinsPacksDustGoldGolden Legendaries

Top decks

Once the event is live, we’ll be highlighting some of the decks we think are the most consistently powerful across the widest number of match-ups, but you can get a pretty good idea of what that’ll involve by checking out our guides to the best Hearthstone decks or having a rummage through our monthly tier list of decks.

Start date and duration

The Heroic Brawl will last for a single week before the usual rotation of Tavern Brawls kicks in once again. We may well see it again in the future - especially if it proves popular - but try to get your fill of the action - just in case.

Blizzard hasn't announced a date for Heroic Brawl, but we know that it won't be coming this week. Expect it at some point between now and Blizzcon - we'll update this section of the guide as soon as we know more.

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  • Lokojet #1 3 years ago
    @Klck lol Yeah, I just was wondering. If I play the Heroic Brawl, I wouldn't like to use Warrior or Shaman meta decks. However if I don't find something strong to deal with them, there won't be other chance than using them :(
    What do you have in mind? What deck would you use for it?
  • Klck #2 3 years ago
    @Lokojet If you think about ressurecting 10 cost minion you are playing in a wrong way.
  • Lokojet #3 3 years ago
    @Bludsh0t Oh really? I also was thiking in a C'Thun Druid lol.
    Maybe a C'Thun Priest. If you resurrect C'Thun, what would be attack/health?
  • Bludsh0t #4 3 years ago
    @Lokojet Yeah I was thinking c'thun too. I tired out my druid one today and it was rubbish. Not enough card draw. Maybe c'thun warrior would be better
  • Lokojet #5 3 years ago
    @Bludsh0t It would be great to have a deck that allows you to make pressure every turn even if you are being controlled. Maybe shaman.
    Other option that I have been thinking for this heroic brawl is to have C'thun decks (druid, rogue or any other), so it could help as a win condition or to reduce plenty of warriors armor.
    As you said it would be very hard to deal with a lot of control decks. In the other hand we probably will see lot of shamans around there, so the big question would be how to deal with both warrior control and shaman midrange (in case you don't want to use them like me).

    $10 I think it's kind of fair in comparison with other card games, despite I can lose my 3 first games against warriors control.
  • Bludsh0t #6 3 years ago
    You can bet this is going to be full of control decks. What's the best counter for that?