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Budget Un'Goro decks - Hearthstone

Decks you can still play in the Un'Goro metagame, even if you're light on funds.

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Our growing collection of budget Un'Goro decks for every hero, along with guides to playing each one efficiently.

With the arrival of a new Hearthstone expansion comes a flood of new powerful cards, and if you're light on in-game gold or real-world cash, it can feel a little as though you're being left out of the party. With that in mind, we wanted to start pulling together a collection of budget deck lists that will still allow you to compete on the new ladder.

The majority of them are - as you'd expect - based on existing archetypes from expansions gone by, and where possible we've tried to avoid recommending decks that require crafts from the new set. Still, we have included Un'Goro creations where we feel confident it's going to make a worthwhile difference difference.

We're still in the process of fleshing out this budget deck round-up, and we'd love to hear of any deck lists you've found that pack a surprising punch for their cost. Let us know about them in the comments, and we'll include them in the next edition of this article.

UPDATE #3 - We've added a very cheap and aggressive Warrior deck to our round-up, and should prove a very cost-effective way of grinding through fast matches in the Un'Goro metagame.

Budget Druid Un'Goro decks

Jade Druid

Here's a pretty economical take on Jade Druid which only makes use of one new Un'Goro card: Shellshifter. Don't worry if you haven't even got that one, just swap it out for a pair of Mire Keepers or something like that.

2 x Innervate2 x Jade Spirit
2 x Claw2 x Gadgetzan Auctioneer
2 x Jade Idol2 x Arcane Giant
2 x Wild Growth
2 x Wrath
2 x Feral Rage
2 x Jade Blossom
2 x Shellshifter
2 x Swipe
2 x Druid of the Claw
2 x Nourish
2 x Jade Behemoth

- Here's our Jade Druid guide if you're playing this archetype for the first time.

Budget Hunter Un'Goro decks

Face Hunter

1 x Jeweled Macaw2 x Knife Juggler
1 x Raptor Hatchling2 x Ravasaur Runt
2 x Smuggler's Crate2 x Stubborn Gastropod
2 x Crackling Razormaw2 x Tar Creeper
2 x Kindly Grandmother2 x Stegodon
2 x Scavenging Hyena1 x Volcanosaur
2 x Animal Companion
2 x Eaglehorn Bow
2 x Kill Command
1 x Unleash the Hounds
2 x Houndmaster

- Here's a Face Hunter guide which outlines all of the nitty gritty about playing the deck.

Budget Mage Un'Goro decks

Tempo Mage

2 x Babbling Book2 x Fire Fly
2 x Mana Wyrm2 x Tar Creeper
2 x Flame Geyser2 x Tol'vir Stoneshaper
2 x Frostbolt2 x Servant of Kalimos
2 x Shimmering Tempest
2 x Sorcerer's Apprentice
2 x Arcane Intellect
2 x Fireball
2 x Steam Surger
2 x Water Elemental
2 x Firelands Portal

- Our Tempo Mage guide contains everything you need to know about playing the archetype.

Budget Paladin Un'Goro decks

Aggro Paladin

Try this very aggressive Paladin deck on for size if you want to compete in the Un'Goro metagame on a shoestring.

2 x Meanstreet Marshal2 x Argent Squire
2 x Selfless Hero2 x Southsea Deckhand
2 x Smuggler's Run2 x Worgen Infiltrator
2 x Argent Protector2 x Defender of Argus
2 x Grimestreet Outfitter2 x Bittertide Hydra
2 x Divine Favor
2 x Rallying Blade
2 x Small-Time Recruits
2 x Blessing of Kings
2 x Truesilver Champion

- This deck's pretty easy to pilot, but our Aggro Paladin guide will help you win games more consistently.

Budget Priest Un'Goro decks

C'Thun Priest

2 x Circle of Healing2 x Beckoner of Evil
2 x Northshire Cleric2 x Wild Pyromancer
2 x Power Word: Shield2 x Disciple of C'Thun
2 x Shadow Word: Pain2 x Twilight Elder
2 x Shadow Word: Death2 x C'Thun's Chosen
2 x Auchenai Soulpriest1 x Skeram Cultist
2 x Hooded Acolyte1 x Doomcaller
1 x Holy Nova1 x C'Thun
2 x Twilight Darkmender

- Have a look at our C'Thun Priest guide if you need to brush up on playing this deck.

Budget Rogue Un'Goro decks

2 x Backstab2 x Argent Squire
2 x Bladed Cultist2 x Fire Fly
2 x Cold Blood2 x Southsea Deckhand
2 x Defias Ringleader2 x Loot Hoarder
2 x Eviscerate2 x Igneous Elemental
2 x Razorpetal Lasher2 x Defender of Argus
2 x SI:7 Agent2 x Naga Corsair
2 x Stranglethorn Tiger

Budget Shaman Un'Goro decks

Token Shaman

Token Shaman is probably your best bet if you're running on a budget in the Un'Goro metagame. At least the games where you get out-spent should go quickly with this deck! Our Budget Token Shaman deck guide has everything you need to know about playing this archetype.

Budget Warlock Un'Goro decks

Zoo Warlock

A very cheap flavour of Zoo seems like your best bet here. It's not as powerful as the crazy Lakkari Sacrifice version, but for a budget deck it's still pretty powerful stuff.

2 x Flame Imp2 x Abusive Sergeant
2 x Malchezaar's Imp2 x Argent Squire
2 x Possessed Villager2 x Dire Wolf Alpha
2 x Soulfire2 x Knife Juggler
2 x Voidwalker2 x Ravasaur Runt
2 x Darkshire Councilman2 x Devilsaur Egg
2 x Ravenous Pterrordax2 x Defender of Argus
2 x Doomguard

- Here's our Zoo Warlock guide if you need a bit of help getting started with this ever-popular archetype.

Budget Warrior Un'Goro decks

Aggro Warrior

Give this cheap Aggro Warrior deck a go if you're short on funds but want something competitive to play on the ladder.

2 x N'Zoth's First Mate2 x Southsea Deckhand
2 x Upgrade!2 x Acidic Swamp Ooze
2 x Fiery War Axe2 x Bloodsail Raider
2 x Heroic Strike2 x Bluegill Warrior
2 x Bloodsail Cultist2 x Wolfrider
2 x Frothing Berserker2 x Dread Corsair
2 x Kor'kron Elite2 x Naga Corsair
2 x Arcanite Reaper

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