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Dual-class Arena guide: Best hero combinations, card tier list and more! - Hearthstone

Our quick guide to getting the most out of your free Arena tickets this Halloween.

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Our Hearthstone Dual-class arena guide contains a breakdown of the best hero combinations, card tier list sources and gameplay advice.

Hearthstone's Hallow's End 2018 event has introduced a fresh twist on the Arena format, and for the next two weeks you'll be able to select a hero and then choose a new hero power, before heading into the drafting process itself.

Worried about investing your Gold on entry tickets for this temporary tweak to the format? Have no fear, as you'll receive one free Arena entrance pass from Blizzard each week, allowing you to sample the action completely risk-free.

We're having a blast with the mode right now, but considering there's the potential to create 72 new classes using the new mechanics, we thought you might appreciate a few tips straight from some of the best players in the community.

If you've any advice of your own for getting more out of the new Arena over the next week or two, share your tips in the comments!

For this year's version of the event, Blizzard has highlighted a video created by Educated Collins.

Have a watch of the whole thing as it goes into a lot of detail about what to expect:

  • The best Hero first picks in order are: Warlock, Warrior, Druid, Rogue, Priest, Paladin, Hunter, Mage, Shaman.
  • The best Hero second picks in order are: Warlock, Rogue, Druid, Mage, Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Priest, Shaman.

Those are the best Hero and Hero Power picks according to Educated Collins, then, but it's well worth watching the video as there's important contextual insight added throughout.

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Dual-class Arena tier list

There are two sites we typically look to for help when it comes to building our own Arena decks: The Lightforge and HearthArena. Each one contains a list of cards that have been assigned a certain relative power-rating to help you make the right choices during the drafting process.

Although both sites have been updated to accommodate the latest Hallow's End changes, we feel as though The Lightforge is probably your best starting point - it's updated continuously by the people in charge and is probably the most accurate snapshot of the Arena meta. If ease of use is your thing though, then you'll probably find HearthArena a lot simpler to navigate.

Either way, we recommend minimising your Hearthstone client window and having one or both of these sites open in your browser while drafting your deck. That way you can either get a second opinion on your own initial assessment of the cards on offer, or compare the two reference sites to see how the power ratings stack up against each other.

Tier lists of this nature are a little divisive, as many players feel they take much of the skill out of a fundamental aspect of the Arena challenge. Unfortunately, pretty much everyone's using them these days and so you're unavoidably putting yourself at a disadvantage by not making use of them yourself - certainly if you're a new player.

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  • Fullofbull #1 10 months ago
    So this guide was useless. I lost to classes you said was terrible. Got Oakheart cast on me in two different games. I lost to both a priest/warlock and paladin/druid. Went 2-3 with druid/warrior. Sword of justice and silver sword wrecked my board. Shammy still terrible.
  • Bedders #2 10 months ago
    Hi folks,

    Just a quick note to say we'll do another pass on this for this year's event as soon as we can. It might take a little while to cobble this together but we're on it.
  • RedRocket131 #3 A year ago
    What about what to choose first? I'm staring at Warrior (ummm, no), Druid (I've had success with) & Paladin (which is strong in arena). I want to pick Druid b/c I have had strong success with him but the logical thing would be to pick Paladin b/c he's just that good. I know the data isn't available to make a solid double hero tier list for this but it would be cool if someone would just make it up so that the players like myself that lack complete confidence could at least feel better about our choices and then blame it on bad card picks, haha!! Kinda kidding. Anyone thing this option may come back around as an alternative to arena or a choice in which battle you want to have a go at, single or duel? Kinda cool for sure...