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Best Rastakhan's Rumble Decks - Hearthstone

Our guide to the very best Hearthstone decks to play in the new expansion.

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John is a freelance writer based in West Sussex.

The best Rastakhan's Rumble decks for December 2018 (Season 57), with Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior deck lists.

Rastakhan's Rumble has been out for nearly a week now, and we've been very busy at Metabomb pulling deck lists together for some of the new - and revitalised - archetypes that are seeing play in the new launch meta.

Once you've opened your packs, you'll no doubt be keen to start cooking up some creations of your own to terrorise the ladder with, and so we wanted to help by highlighting some of the most important archetypes that have emerged so far.

In our guide to the best Rastakhan deck lists, you'll find a mixture of completely new archetypes, updated versions of current meta decks, and even a few decks from Hearthstone's history that have been resurrected for a new era. Just be careful what you craft in the early days though, as it'll take some time for the meta to settle.

It's still very early days for the expansion at this point, and we're still in the process of fully updating all of our deck guides. At the very least though, you'll be able to dip into the guides linked here and grab a deck list so you can enjoy all the new content right away. Expect all lists and articles to be updated a great deal in the coming days and weeks though.

At the time of publishing this article we've got a pretty beefy collection of guides to get stuck into, but we'll be updating our recommendations right throughout the launch window and well beyond that.

UPDATE - 10th December 2018

Since the expansion launched on Tuesday 4th we've been busy creating guides for all the new archetypes to hit the Hearthstone meta - and updating existing deck guides with new lists for the Rastakhan meta. We're still in the process of converting all of these into full guides, so thanks for your patience as we update the site during this very busy period.

Although the overall meta is a long way from being resolved, we've also been able to rank decks for each hero in terms of approximate relative power. In this guide we've also broken out those decks that have yet to impact the meta within each hero bracket, but never say never! A couple of card tweaks may be all that's needed to bring them into the fold.

Best Druid decks for Rastakhan's Rumble

Taunt Druid remains the king of the hill right now, although you'll see from the list below that there are still plenty of other options to choose from. Undatakah Druid provides a particularly cheesy version of the Taunt archetype, and we're just in the process of cooking up a guide for it on the site now.



Best Hunter decks for Rastakhan's Rumble

Secret Hunter is proving extremely powerful in the overall meta, and if you have the cards it's highly recommended for the ladder climb. Apart from that we've seen Face - or Odd - Hunter make a little bit of a comeback, along with a very pure version of Midrange Hunter.


Best Mage decks for Rastakhan's Rumble

Odd Mage is the hero's strongest archetype right now, although Tempo Mage is making a bit of a post-Mana Wyrm nerf comeback as well. Control - or Big Spell - Mage and pure Elemental Mage are struggling to keep up at this early stage, however.


Best Paladin decks for Rastakhan's Rumble

Some things never change, and it looks very much as though Odd Paladin is the strongest deck for the class right now. Even Paladin's had a shot in the arm as well though, and even OTK Paladin might get its moment to shine in the broader meta.


Best Priest decks for Rastakhan's Rumble

Combo and Control Priest are the best options for the hero at this very early stage of the Rastakhan meta. None of the other outliers can be completely written off at this point, but they're going to need a lot of work to become viable, and so we're keeping them separate for now. Lots to choose from though if you fancy a change of pace!


Best Rogue decks for Rastakhan's Rumble

Kingsbane Rogue is your best option right now, although Tempo Rogue and Even Rogue are both pushing for their place in the meta. There are other options just about cutting it, but we think they need a little bit more work before they can be considered truly competitive at this stage.



Best Shaman decks for Rastakhan's Rumble

Even Shaman continues to be an absolute monster in the new meta, although we're also seeing the return of Aggro Shaman and Shudderwock Shaman in these early days. Alas, Evolve/Token Shaman isn't proving quite as powerful as we'd hoped, although there's still plenty of time for this one to come good.



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Best Warlock decks for Rastakhan's Rumble

Even Warlock and Zoo Warlock are both still strong, with Control Warlock fighting for its place in the meta as well. Despite all the hype, Discard Warlock is still not filling its promise, but we think this one is an update or two away from being competitive in the broader meta. It's a lot of fun to play though, so give it a go if you have the cards.

Best Warrior decks for Rastakhan's Rumble

Odd Warrior is proving extremely potent right now, with Rush and Dragon Warrior following closely behind.


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  • alexaltman56 #1 6 years ago
    I actually have a working Dragon Paladin deck list right now.
    I've done a lot of testing, and in my opinion, Dragon Paladin is by a fair margin the best of the Dragon decks. I would actually rank it within the top 5 decks in Standard righf now, especially since it took no hits from patch 6.1.3.
    Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my list or any further info.
    I can be reached by email at
  • Bedders #2 6 years ago
    @stevenchristopherhin Thanks for that! I need to get OTK Worgen Warrior and Token Druid done as a priority, but once they're put to bed I'll give these other ones a look.
  • stevenchristopherhin #3 6 years ago
    A maly deck should be added to the list, as well as a questing adventurer rogue. Ryzen was able to obtain Top 20 with questing adv rogue on EU in season 28.
  • dennisreese31 #4 6 years ago
    Amazing post about Hearthstone. Please post more pics and articles about this game. I just started playing Hearthstone about a month ago and I'm a top ranked player already just from doing this: Hearthstone Mastery
  • minddrifter #5 6 years ago
    I'm having a good run with a Rogue C'thun deck I made from scratch:


    2x Backstab - Amazing card at 0 cost, works great with combo cards (SI:7, lol).

    2x Shadowstep - This card is truly amazing. Use it on nearly any of the Battelcry cards below (from here on known as "SS"). Also costs 0, which can be amazing.


    2x Beckoner of Evil - Gotta beef up that C'thun, 2/3 for 2 isn't a bad start!

    1x Twilight Geomancer - C'thun with Taunt isn't a bad thing and I've yet to see a Black Knight. Only costs 2 and is a serviceable 1/4 Taunt. Could be replaced, but I like him.


    2x Shadow Strike - This card just destroys. It really does. 5 damage for 3 mana.

    1x Brann Bronzebeard - He's a staple in any C'thun deck imo (and for obvious reasons I would hope).

    2x Disciple of C'thun - Does 2 damage to anything, beefs up C'thun, and still a 2/1 on the board. He's great combined with the other damaging mechanics in this deck (including your hero power)

    2x SI:7 Agent - Everyone knows this card if they play Rogue. Never a bad target for SS!

    1x Twilight Elder - A 3/4 for 3 that beefs up C'thun. Gotta get that C'thun beefy (and at 10 asap for some cards).


    2x C'thun's Chosen - As always, beefing up C'thun = good. A 4/2 Divine Shield is also very handy to have around! Divine Shield can really shine with 4 power behind it.

    2x Tomb Pillager - a 5/4 for 4 isn't bad at all. It can take out tough creatures and if not dealt with asap can really damage the face. On top of that we get a coin for an early C'thun or any of the increasingly awesome drops past this point.

    1x Xaril, Poisoned Mind - I didn't think this would be as awesome as it is when I first saw it (as opposed to nearly everyone else, lol), but he is awesome.


    2x Crazed Worshipper - A 3/6 with Taunt that beefs up C'thun when it takes damage. I kind of overlooked him for a while but he really works out well. Taunt can be quite a nuisance when the board is being controlled well as Rogue can do!

    2x Dark Iron Dwarf - Very underrated card imo. This is one of my favorite SS targets a turn or 2 later if he is still on the board with more fresh drops to damage.

    2x Shadowcaster - Outside C'thun, this works like SS with a 4/4 body on the field. It really works great in this deck! (Now known as SC).


    Twin Emperor Vek'lor - A staple in any C'thun deck. He's a beast. An amazing pick for either SS or SC.


    Blade of C'thun - It is a bit costly, especially for a 4/4. But the time you can cast it you will usually kill something awesome and man will you beef up that C'thun! Oh...and did I mention SS and SC!!!!! I mean, it's insane. My #1 favorite SC target and #2 for SS behind C'thun.


    C'thun - Well, he is the centerpiece after all. Everyone knows C'thun's awesomeness. Seriously though...Blade of C'thun can make this guy so ridiculously powerful...And yeah, the dream is C'thun > SS > C'thun. They can't kill it, entomb it, uber punch it, etc. You cast it again and win. End of story.

    I am loving this C'thun. I've beaten every other C'thun, control decks, rushing/zoo decks, freeze mage, etc. It rocks. Obviously I've lost some but this deck has no true achilles heal.
  • spriken2468 #6 6 years ago
    @Bedders I stand corrected. Apologies. And this is even coming from an American who says "Aluminium". I suppose there's always something knew to learn.
  • Bedders #7 6 years ago
    @spriken2468 We're a UK site and that's the correct UK grammar!
  • spriken2468 #8 6 years ago
    Shaman part should say "has gotten." Not trying to be a jerk, sorry.
  • Bedders #9 6 years ago
    @zerocool155 If you check the front page, I've added a very early work-in-progress snapshot of the best Wild decks that have started to pop up. Hope it's useful!

    I'm expecting a lot to change with those decks, so don't use all of your dust on anything expensive and unproven in the long run!

  • zerocool155 #10 6 years ago
    @rudigerhesse97 I second this! Ive been checking for a list just like this but for wild, since launch. I just want to see if my choices of cards in the wild format (the better format imo) could be made better.
  • Bedders #11 6 years ago
    @rudigerhesse97 Hello! I'm keeping a very close eye on what people are after in the wider game, and for the moment that seems to be Standard decks.

    I do absolutely want to have a complete roster of decks and guides for both formats, but that may take a little while to come together. It's just me making content for MetaBomb, and so I have to follow the crowd to a certain degree - even though I want to try and keep everyone happy!

    Once we see some solid Wild decks gaining popularity, I may do an article like this, with just the deck lists outlined (no guides - for now). Would that be helpful, just having a reference of all of the solid Wild decks that start to crop up here and there? I won't be able to play-test them to the same kind of degree as I do with Standard for a while - that's the only problem.
  • rudigerhesse97 #12 6 years ago
    Is there an approximate date when the best wild decks would be available for May season? After the significant nerfing session I would really appreciate to check my own adjustments with the collective intelligence.
    I did Standard. Saw C'Thun like everywhere and I think I really like to return to Wild now as Standard got .. a little boring.
  • staintool #13 6 years ago
    Really like the Yogg-Saron Tempo Mage, but I find it more deadly with Archmage Antonidas in place of an Ethereal Conjurer or Ancient Mage. Great posts, keep up the good work.
  • Bedders #14 6 years ago
    @lorisvalsecchi30 I've checked again and I count 30 for Midrange Hunter in this article and in the linked guide.
  • lorisvalsecchi30 #15 6 years ago
    Forgot 2 cards in midrange Hunter
  • Bedders #16 6 years ago
    @Dayasydal Sorry about that! I've been on holiday for the last week so haven't been able to fix. Should be working fine now - thanks for the spot!
  • Dayasydal #17 6 years ago
    The link to the mech mage deck has an extra 6 at the end of 2016.
  • minddrifter #18 6 years ago
    @Bedders That sounds awesome! I really like this site and the work you guys do! I can't wait for the new standard mode and the new metas we will see with its arrival.
  • Bedders #19 6 years ago
    @minddrifter Hi there! Yeah we used to include Raptor Rogue here but the list of decks for each Hero started to get so big, the idea of pinning them down as "the best of the best" was slipping away from us. It looked a bit daft!

    Ideally we'll have each Hero represented by no more than three decks (covering a spectrum of playstyles), but I guess there's an argument for Raptor Rogue going in here - and quite possibly at the expense of Mill Rogue at this point now I think about it.

    Going forwards we're going to have separate pages for each Hero, so we can feature the most relevant meta-decks, then have some other fun decks (that can still do well too!) for people to dip into.

    That's going to come after the dust has settled from the release of Standard and Wild modes though. We're going to be incredibly busy re-arranging the site to accommodate those formats, but after that we're going to start making a bit more space for fun - as well as high-ranked - decks to get their time in the spotlight.
  • minddrifter #20 6 years ago
    Hey guys. I found a Raptor Rogue deck that plays really well and is a lot of fun. I know there use to be one on here. This is Fade2Karma's Chalk's build from BlizzPro:

    I had a lot of success with it, you guys should check it out and maybe add it to the Rogue list!
  • cachirro #21 6 years ago
    Thanks for your work
  • OGWoWer #22 6 years ago
    Awesome guide for competitive decks, thanks for this.
  • chtitbout75 #23 6 years ago
    Thank you very much for this new guide. I like mulligan section well detailed.
  • fábiomartins73 #24 6 years ago
    Thanks again, nice job,
    P.S: Entomb Priest ROCKS
  • fábiomartins73 #25 6 years ago
    How about mill rogue???

    Also raptor rogue image broken...

  • Bedders #26 7 years ago
    @koczkabence38 Thanks for the feedback! I will look into it tomorrow. I know it's been getting a bit of attention lately, and I'm intrigued to have a play around with it :-)
  • koczkabence38 #27 7 years ago
    In my opinion Ostkaka's "midrange" patron warrior is much better than dragon/fatigue/mech warrior. I'd really appreciate if you would check that deck. Thanks for the nice guides. :>
  • Creepy_Spooky #28 7 years ago
    Thanks for this list! I'm really excited for the TGT release. I hope this will affect the meta in such a way these list would not be so limited in deck archetypes.
  • King_of_Hyrule #29 7 years ago
    Btw, in this meta report (granted we're a few weeks later now) I'm playing around rank 3-5 right now on EU and I'm seeing a LOT of Giants Mage. (the deck that looks kind of like freeze, in the first couple of turns I it's hard to know which deck it is, although duplicate secret gives it away, they let themselves go to 1 hp with ice block, and play molten, echo of medivh, molten, taunt etc)
  • King_of_Hyrule #30 7 years ago
    My gut reaction would be to agree that BRM hasn't changed the meta very much, but after thinking about it for a while I think the impact of BRM is quite big.

    -statistically speaking BRM SHOULD have the smallest impact, it has added the smallest percentage of new cards compared to the other expansions/adventures. Not only the amount of cards (less than GvG, same as Naxx) matters but also the existing card pool, which is much bigger now than when Naxx launched.

    -Grim Patron created a whole new type of warrior, which is huge because it was a class that only really ever had 1 type of play (control). I think HS is now in a position where no matter the class you are facing, you don't know for sure which deck it will be. (perhaps rogue is still an exception since mill rogue is kind of gimmicky and miracle has been nerfed into oblivion)

    -Flamewaker gave a huge boost to tempo mage

    - Thaurissan has done many things such as boost the popularity of druid and freeze mage, but in general it has increased the complexity of the game, which is nice for higher level players. Last night I faced against a freeze mage who got 2 turns of thaurissan discounts and on my turn I played loatheb and went face, threatening lethal the next turn after having calculated (and also just hoped) that he couldn't kill me. The math involved can get pretty crazy after a while.

    -Quite a few other cards have proven valuable in constructed (Druid of the flame, Fireguard destroyer, quick shot, imp gang boss...) others have been great in arena (playing a 9/9 drakonid crusher for 6 mana? ok I'll take that)

    Overall I think BRM has had a pretty big impact considering the limited number of cards that were released. However the main thing people find so disappointing I think is that the Dragon decks aren't really working out so well. Dragon Paladin and Dragon Priest are kind of working but not exactly shaking up the meta. Then again, it's only been 2 months or so, new decks could still appear, it took the collective playerbase more than a year before they realized facehunter was possible or that prep+sprint is a powerful combo :)

    I do love Nefarian though, the animation, the class specific voice clips and the amazing new combo's it enables :) it's not a particularly great card, but it is really cool :)
  • Bedders #31 7 years ago
    I know, it's crazy. I was watching some old vids of the game's first six months or so the other day, and play seemed so primitive back then.

    I feel like Blackrock Mountain has underperformed in terms of breathing that necessary new life into the game this time around. You?
  • King_of_Hyrule #32 7 years ago
    I love how you're able to say things like "the old stalwart Mech Mage" and call Oil rogue an "evergreen deck" when both decks only came into existence when GvG launched 6 month ago :) but you're right, Hearthstone moves so fast that these decks feel like old classics :)