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HTC Recharged 2015: Trump's winning decklists - Hearthstone

All three decks used by Trump to win the tournament.

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The HTC Recharged tournament ended yesterday evening with popular streamer Trump taking victory in the final match-up. Trump made use of some very dependable old favourites to take home the top honours, and seasoned players should have all or most of the tools needed to try these decks out for themselves.

Here's a quick breakdown of all three decks used in the final, along with a little bit of insight into what exactly makes each one tick. We've also included links out to our most recent guides of the archetype featured. Even if they don't match Trump's version exactly, they will give you some important insight into how to play his specific decks out.

Trump's HTC Recharged Midrange Hunter

We're big fans of the Midrange Hunter at MetaBomb, and we'll certainly be taking Trump's HTC deck out for a spin later on today. This is a very traditional take on the classic deck, and you should be able to translate much of our standard Midrange Hunter guide into this particular decklist.

To summarise, the name of the game with the Midrange Hunter is to control aggressive opponents right off the starting line, but end the game quickly against those would like to control you given half the chance.

Trump's HTC Midrange Hunter guide

Trump's HTC Recharged Mech Shaman

The Mech Shaman provides players with the perfect blend of control and outright aggression. Use your silencing effects and direct damage to slow down the opponent's board development, while lining up your own threat on the board.

Mechwarper provides a massive advantage, but is best played when you can play another Mech alongside it, as your opponent will remove this minion as a priority. Careful with Fel Reaver too - make sure you've got a strong hand before putting this monster into play.

Trump's HTC Mech Shaman guide

Trump's HTC Recharged Malygos Warlock

Of all three decks used by Trump in last night's final, it's the Malygos Warlock that proves to be the most interesting. This deck archetype is still finding its feet in the current metagame, but expect to see it a lot more in the coming days and weeks.

The Malylock plays out very much like Handlock in the early stages, but it's the inclusion of the signature Dragon, and its immense spell-boosting powers, that gives the deck its flavour. Get that beast on the board with a few spells in your hand and it's game over for your opponent.

Malylock guide

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