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Karazhan card gallery - Hearthstone

Every single new card coming to Hearthstone with the Karazhan Adventure.

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John is a freelance writer based in West Sussex.

The next hearthstone Adventure is called One Night in Karazhan and will introduce 45 new cards. Only a handful have been revealed so far, but we'll be updating this gallery with each new card as it's announced by Blizzard.

For now though, feast your eyes on some of the new additions to the Hearthstone family! Don't forget to take a look at our Karazhan guide for everything we currently know about Hearthstone's next Adventure!

UPDATE - Our One Night in Karazhan card gallery is now complete, and contains all 45 of the new cards being released in the coming weeks!

Druid - Enchanted Raven

Druid - Menagerie Warden

Druid - Moonglade Portal

Hunter - Cat Trick

Hunter - Cloaked Huntress

Hunter - Kindly Grandmother

Mage - Babbling Book

Mage - Firelands Portal

Mage - Medivh's Valet

Paladin - Ivory Knight

Paladin - Nightbane Templar

Paladin - Silvermoon Portal

Priest - Onyx Bishop

Priest - Priest of the Feast

Priest - Purify

Rogue - Deadly Fork

Rogue - Ethereal Peddler

Rogue - Swashburglar

Shaman - Maelstrom Portal

Shaman - Spirit Claws

Shaman - Wicked Witchdoctor

Warlock - Kara Kazham!

Warlock - Malchezaar's Imp

Warlock - Silverware Golem

Warrior - Fool's Bane

Warrior - Ironforge Portal

Warrior - Protect the King

Neutral - Arcane Anomaly

Neutral - Arcane Giant

Neutral - Arcanosmith

Neutral - Avian Watcher

Neutral - Barnes

Neutral - Book Wyrm

Neutral - Medivh, the Guardian

Neutral - Menagerie Magician

Neutral - Moat Lurker

Neutral - Moroes

Neutral - Netherspite Historian

Neutral - Pantry Spider

Neutral - Pompous Thespian

Neutral - Prince Malchezaar

Neutral - Runic Egg

Neutral - The Curator

Neutral - Violet Illusionist

Neutral - Zoobot

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