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Encounter at the Crossroads strategy guide - Hearthstone

What to expect from this week's Tavern Brawl.

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Ready for a new Tavern Brawl? A new one's just gone live in Europe, and should unlock in the US and Asia regions in just a few short hours from now. As usual, there's a fresh set of un-usual rules to play with in this week's Brawl, which goes by the name of Encounter at the Crosswords.

Here's our handy FAQ for Hearthstone's newest event, with details of what's involved, what you'll receive for participating, and what you need to do to increase your chances of emerging victorious from battle!

What are the rules for Encounter at the Crossroads?

The flavour text for this week's event reads as follows:

"Encounter at the crossroads! Pick a class. Let's see what's in your deck this time!"

We're still gathering data on what exactly happens when you choose a Hero for Encounter at the Crossroads, but there appears to be a huge amount of randomisation in each match. We'll update over the course of the evening as we learn more.

UPDATE: It seems that this week's event is entirely random. You pick your class and Blizzard picks your deck for you. Good luck!

Is there a reward for completing Encounter at the Crossroads?

Yes! Once again there's a very welcome reward for getting stuck into the latest slice of Tavern Brawl action. Win a match and you'll receive an extra Classic card pack for your collection. We're still waiting for our first freebie Legendary at MetaBomb though. Maybe next week?

- Head back to our Tavern Brawl guide hub page for help with the latest special event!

When does Encounter at the Crossroads end

Like all Tavern Brawls, there comes a point where the Innkeeper must shut up shop and start wiping the blood off the floor, in preparation for next week's bout of combat. For the purpose of this week's showdown, that means you've got until Sunday 19th July to get stuck into the action and at least claim your single Classic card park.

How do I win more Encounter at the Crossroads matches?

Given the high degree of variance involved in this week's challenge, it's going to be very tough to provide specific advice! The Priest's healing power could help it outlast the uncertainty element though, and the Warlock's Life Tap might give you more options to play with.

Update: A Priest, earlier...

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