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Watch: Hearthtone's unluckiest player gets robbed of Legend rank

Fuju misses out on Legend in the cruellest possible way.

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If you're pushing for Legend right before the monthly reset - and the game's going your way- player Fuju just learned the importance of playing your hand out quickly.

In a video posted over the weekend, Fuju looks to be riding high with just one game left to trigger Legend for the first time, and receive that awesome exclusive card back.

Despite a little bit of bad luck - and a little bit of good - Fuju nevertheless manages to push through to victory and then... turns out the ladder had reset just a few minutes before the conclusion of the vital, Legend-reaching match.

As a result the winning match went unrecorded and Fuju finished up the September season at Rank 1. Still, at least those stars give him a decent headstart on October's ladder climb, right?

Commiserations to Fuju and fingers crossed they can find it in themselves to push through again and grab that Legend rank by the end of October.

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