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Trump's Deck Teachings Compilation - Un'Goro Edition - Hearthstone

A regularly updated compendium of every Un'Goro Trump Deck Teaching video.

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A compilation of every Trump's Deck Teaching video for the Un'Goro metagame, with links to the best current deck lists for each one.

When it comes to Hearthstone, we're all about two things at Metabomb: making sure you have access to the very latest meta-busting decks, and giving you all the information you need to pilot them to victory.

Few people in the Hearthstone community do a better job of teaching the game than Trump though, and long-time readers of the site will know that we quite often highlight his work and embed his deck teaching series into our relevant deck guides.

That's very handy if you know the deck that you want to take to the ladder, but we thought it was about time we compiled all of his latest tutorial videos into one place. That way you can choose your decks based on the primers that are available, and then head into battle even better prepared.

There are four of his long-standing Deck Teachings videos to sample right now, and we'll be adding his latest Un'Goro primers to this article as and when they're released. We've also included links to our latest guide for each archetype - although the ever-shifting meta ensures the deck lists will differ from Trump's, the general strategy behind playin each one will remain the same.

Trump's Un'Goro Deck Teachings - Discover Mage

This deck has actually become more commonly known as Control Mage since this Deck Teachings video was released, but the concept remains the same.

Take a look at our Control Mage deck list guide for the latest deck list for the current meta, and loads of Mulligan advice and combos.

Trump's Un'Goro Deck Teachings - Taunt Warrior

Although Taunt Warrior hasn't proved to be quite as dominant as many had predicted before the release of Un'Goro, it's nevertheless a potent deck to pilot right now

If you want details of the latest deck list, head over to our Taunt Warrior deck list guide once you're done watching this video.

Trump's Un'Goro Deck Teachings - Midrange Murloc Paladin

If the aggro edition of Murloc Paladin doesn't really take your fancy, a more contemplative Midrange version is absolutely viable in the current metagame.

If you want more information, have a look at our Midrange Paladin deck list guide. It's got the best deck for the current metagame, and loads of extra tips for playing the archetype too.

Trump's Un'Goro Deck Teachings - Midrange Hunter

Midrange Hunter has always been a popular deck in Hearthstone, and DisguisedToast's recent free-to play-run has only boosted the popularity of the archetype further

Watch Trump's video for a perfect primer on playing this deck, then head over to our Midrange Hunter deck list guide for what we believe to be the best version of the deck in use right now.

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