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The week's most popular decks - May 5th 2017 - Hearthstone

The biggest decks you keep coming back to!

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With the Un'Goro metagame well and truly established at this point, it's a good time to fire up a regular series highlighting the most popular decks that you've all been getting stuck into over the last seven days. That way you can head into the weekend with a little extra intel on what you should be packing if you're going for a big ladder push, and now that work or school is done for another week.

Despite finding typical Rogue play to be just a little too fiddly for my own tastes, I can't quite resist the allure of Quest Rogue right now. There's a little bit of combo play to juggle, but nothing that has you staring at the burning rope with a sense of existential dread building up in your stomach. It's satisfying to play, probably horribly unfair to play against, and one of the top-tier decks anyone can play right now. A good choice.

That's what I'll be playing this weekend anyway, but how about you? Ignoring tier lists and rankings for a moment, I'd love to know what kind of decks you're starting to gravitate towards. I'll even try to do a few extra pieces next week on any decks that perhaps aren't getting the love you think they deserve!

Until then, have a great weekend, and I'll see you all again next week - John.

1. Midrange Hunter

It's nice to see the return of Hunter in Hearthstone's most competitive corners, although a little variety in archetype might have been nice. Still, it's proving a popular choice for many of you right now and there are quite a few different deck lists to choose from too.

2. Pirate Warrior

It's hard to believe there's anyone who still actually enjoys playing this deck - let alone playing against it - but there's no denying that it's a very effective way of making a quick climb up the ladder. Perhaps we'll see a hard counter appear over time - probably we won't though...

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3. Murloc Paladin

This is one of the decks that immediately grabbed my attention when Un'Goro landed, although I wouldn't have guessed it would end up being nearly as competitive as it is fun to play. If you haven't tried this yet and you're fond of a tempo game, this one will knock your socks off - trust me.

4. Taunt Warrior

The jury was out on whether Taunt Warrior would prove to be as powerful in the live game as it looked on paper. It's probably not the most powerful deck to play right now, but if you're stuck in aggro hell you can probably do a lot worse than take this out for a spin.

5. Quest Rogue

My personal favourite - for now - and despite feeling perpetually clumsy with just about any other kind of Rogue deck. If you've come to habitually ditch Rogue quests for something a little less taxing, seize the opportunity to try this one out. You're going to face a lot of it on the ladder after all, so you might as well know your enemy...

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