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Wild Secret Mage deck list guide - Hearthstone - Kobolds

Our guide to taking Secret Mage out for a walk on the Wild side of Hearthstone.

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Our Wild Secret Mage deck list guide features the best deck list for Kobolds and Catacombs. Our Wild Secret Mage guide also contains card combos and strategy tips.

Wild Secret Mage is a Hearthstone deck that will be very familiar to anyone who's played just about any amount of Hearthstone over the last few years. As the name suggests you have a solid collection of Secrets to befuddle your opponent with, and plenty of other minions that interact neatly with this special class of spells as well.

The general aim with the deck is to take a controlling position of the early game, making favourable trades and using Secrets to make your opponent's life more complicated, before building up to a nice big burst of damage that should ultimately win you the match. It's a tempo deck as old as Hearthstone itself, and the Wild version of the deck barely differs from the Standard edition.

In our starter guide to playing Wild Secret Mage we've highlighted one of the most popular decks currently being used in the Kobolds and Catacombs meta. We've then got a breakdown of all the combos contained within it. That should be more than enough to get you started, but let us know in the comments if you're having any trouble playing the deck and we'll do our best to help you out.

If you're here for the latest special event to hit Hearthstone, make sure you check out our guide to the best Wild Brawliseum decks in Hearthstone. It's got something to suit every hero preference!

1 x Ice Lance2 x Mad ScientistNAX
1 x Kabal LackeyMSG
2 x Mana Wyrm
2 x ArcanologistUNG
2 x Frostbolt
2 x Medivh's ValetKAR
1 x Sorcerer's Apprentice
2 x Arcane Intellect
2 x Counterspell
2 x Explosive RunesKAC
2 x Forgotten TorchLOE
2 x Kirin Tor Mage
2 x Potion of PolymorphMSG
2 x Fireball
1 x AlunethKAC
2 x Kabal Crystal RunnerMSG

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAEBAf0EBKwB67oC5gSi0wINlQPBwQKWBfcN17YCqwRxj9MCuhbsBdm7ArsCh70CAA==

Although there isn't an enormous amount of difference between the Standard and Wild versions of Secret Mage, it never hurts to take a few minutes to brush up on the basics. In this section you'll find a breakdown of all the different combos that are available to you with this specific version of the archetype:

- Every time you cast a spell, an active Mana Wyrm gains an extra point of Attack damage. Plan ahead to get the most use out of this creature if you know you're going to be throwing a bit of magic around on your current turn.

- Assuming there's at least one copy of a Secret left in your deck pile, Arcanologist will grab it and pop it into your hand. This is great in the early-game as it guarantees you'll have a Secret to play on Turn 3, making efficient use of your Mana in the process.

- When Mad Scientist dies, he'll grab a Secret from your deck pile (assuming one's left) and automatically put it into play for free.

- If you have an active Secret you can use Medivh's Valet to throw three points of damage at a target of your choosing. You should really try to gain the extra advantage of this card whenever possible, but sometimes you will have to play this as a vanilla 2 / 3 minion.

- While Sorcerer's Apprentice is out on the board, all of your spells will cost exactly one Mana less. When she's removed though, the reduction effect disappears with her, so try to make good use of her before your opponent wipes her out!

More great Wild decks:

- There are two cards that reduce the Mana cost of your Secrets in this deck to zero: Kabal Lackey and Kirin Tor Mage. It goes without saying that you need to actually have a Secret in your hand at the time, but these plays can help you achieve a huge tempo advantage against your opponent.

- Given the choice, Arcane Intellect is almost always better played as late in the game as possible. It's too slow otherwise, and in the late-game you might have enough Mana to actually play one of the bonus cards it adds to your hand.

- If Explosive Runes kills an enemy minion, any excess damage won't go to waste as would normally happen with overkill spell damage. Instead, it'll be thrown at the enemy hero's health pool - very nice!

- Playing Forgotten Torch adds a six-Damage spell to your deck pile. You'll have to wait to draw into it before you can actually make use of this bonus spell.

- Aluneth is a very powerful Mage weapon. While you can't dish out any damage with it, it will refuel your hand with three cards at the end of each of your turns. Just watch out for overdrawing your hand here, as you don't want to burn any crucial cards that come out of your remaining deck pile.

- Kabal Crystal Runner costs two Mana less for each Secret you played earlier on in the match. You will very often find yourself fielding this minion for free in the late-game!

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    @srajdb Ignore that I've confused myself over the deck list I settled on highlighting. The count was wrong and Arcanologist was simply listed twice. No Ice Block, although I guess you can swap something out if you want the extra security.
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    Looks like Arcanologist was listed twice. I replaced the extra ones with 2x Ice Block.