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Wild Murloc Paladin deck list - Hearthstone

The best Murloc Paladin deck list for climbing the Wild ladder.

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Murloc Paladin takes advantage of assorted early and mid-game Murloc synergies to present a problematic presence for your opponent to deal with. Thanks to the magic of Anyfin Can Happen, those same Murlocs can rise from the dead to inflict lethal late-game damage.

There are a few different versions of Murloc Paladin in circulation, but we think this should prove to be a pretty solid starting point for any fan of the archetype.

2 x Forbidden HealingTOG2 x Bluegill Warrior
1 x Humility2 x Doomsayer
2 x Equality2 x Wild Pyromancer
2 x Aldor Peacekeeper2 x Murloc Warleader
2 x Consecration1 x Old Murk-Eye
2 x Truesilver Champion2 x Sludge BelcherNAX
2 x Solemn VigilBRM
2 x Ivory KnightKAR
1 x Ragnaros LightlordTOG
1 x Tirion Fordring
2 x Anyfin Can HappenLOE

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