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Wild Midrange Druid deck list guide - Hearthstone

How to play the latest version of Wild Midrange Druid.

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Our essential Wild Midrange Druid guide features the best deck list for the current meta, with Mulligan advice, gameplay tips, card combos and synergies.

Wild Midrange Druid is a Hearthstone deck that exploits a couple of the Druid's core cards (Innervate and Wild Growth) in order to be able to play expensive cards earlier on in the match. Not only that, it also draws on the mighty resurrecting powers of N'Zoth, the Corruptor to present opponents with an almighty second headache to handle.

Although the latest version of this deck draws pretty deeply from across Hearthstone's pool of historical cards, you don't need anything from Gadgetzan to get started with it. This is handy if you're an old veteran of the game, but have had to take a break recently! We are on the cusp of a brand-new metagame, however, and so it remains to be seen how pricey this deck might become in the near future.

In our guide to playing this Wild archetype, you'll find a breakdown of the most popular deck list that's currently being piloted, along with some basic advice for making sure you Mulligan your starting hand correctly. After that we'll run you through all of the big combos contained within the deck, so you can make the best use of each turn.

If you've got any questions, do ask away in the comments section and we'll try to help you out. As always, we'd love to hear of any alternative lists you've found success with too.

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Wild Midrange Druid deck list and strategy - Gadgetzan

We think this is the best Wild Midrange Druid deck list you can make use of right now. We'll check in on this archetype again once the dust has settled on the next expansion.

2 x Innervate1 x DeathlordNAX
2 x Living RootsTGT1 x BarnesKAR
2 x Raven IdolLOE2 x Piloted ShredderGVG
2 x Wild Growth2 x Azure Drake
2 x Wrath2 x Sludge BelcherNAX
2 x Feral RageTOG1 x Emperor ThaurissanBRM
1 x Mounted RaptorLOE1 x Sylvanas Windrunner
1 x Fandral StaghelmTOG1 x Dr. BoomGVG
2 x Swipe1 x Ragnaros the Firelord
1 x Nourish1 x N'Zoth, the CorruptorTOG

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Wild Midrange Druid Mulligan guide - Gadgetzan

You will always benefit from holding onto Innervate and Wild Growth as they almost always buy you more options, whatever else you subsequently draw into. Those are your priority keeps, but cards such as Living Roots, Swipe and Wrath and Swipe will also prove their worth in just about every match-up.

Wild Midrange Druid tips, combos and synergies - Gadgetzan

There are quite a few combos to juggle in this Wild Midrange Druid deck. Here are the most important ones to tick off the list!

- Both Innervate and Wild Growth allow you to play more expensive card earlier on than your opponent can. It's important to get Wild Growth played as early as possible, but if you're really close to Turn 10, you might prefer to hold off and trade it for a free card instead.

- When Fandral Staghelm is out on the board, any subsequently played cards featuring the "Choose One" mechanic will see both of their effects triggered.

- Azure Drake increases the damage output of all your relevant spells: Wrath, Swipe and Living Roots.

- Every Deathrattle minion of yours that was killed during a match will be summoned back onto the board when you play N'Zoth, the Corruptor. Just keep in mind that the minion must have been killed - not silenced or transformed - in order for the resurrection to take place.

- Emperor Thaurissan will reduce the cost of every card in your hand by one Mana, for each turn he survives out on the board. The effect is applied at the end of each turn and stacks.

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