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Wild Handlock deck list - Hearthstone

Our recommended deck list for playing Handlock on the Wild ladder this month.

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Wild Handlock is a deck that reaches right throughout the history of Hearthstone card sets, and leans on the Warlock's exceptional ability to fatten their hand via their hero power.

You've got bags of removal at hand to keep the board under control, while you Life Tap into your larger minions which benefit from your hefty hand size.

2 x Mortal Coil2 x Ancient Watcher
2 x DarkbombGVG2 x Sunfury Protector
2 x Hellfire1 x Brann BronzebeardLOE
1 x Shadowflame2 x Defender of Argus
2 x Voidcaller1 x Faceless ShamblerTOG
1 x Doomguard2 x Twilight Drake
1 x Lord Jaraxxus2 x Antique HealbotGVG
1 x Mal'GanisGVG1 x LoathebNAX
2 x Mountain Giant1 x Emperor ThaurissanBRM
1 x Molten Giant1 x Dr. BoomGVG

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While you should find this a pretty solid foundation for starting your Handlock adventures, the Wild format naturally encourages experimentation across the game's entire card collection. If you've found or developed a version of the archetype that's working out better for you, let us know about it in the comments!

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