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Secret Paladin deck list guide - Forged in the Barrens - Hearthstone (April 2021)

A new deck list for you to play in the Forged in the Barrens era.

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Our Secret Paladin deck list guide features the best Rise of Shadows deck list for Season 85 of Hearthstone (April 2021). Our Secret Paladin guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

Secret Paladin is a Hearthstone deck that may have you cowering in fear if you played the game during the era of The Grand Tournament. It was a time when Mysterious Challenger reigned supreme, and led Paladin to a ridiculously strong power level that few other decks have matched in the history of Hearthstone.

Well, thanks to the Forged in the Barrens expansion, Secret Paladin is back! With all the brand new gear coming into the Paladin class, you’d better get ready to bring the secretive pain to your enemies.

So then, here’s all the info you need to succeed with Secret Paladin in the current metagame.

Secret Paladin deck list and strategy

Here's the version of Secret Paladin currently steamrolling the Hearthstone meta.

2 x First Day of School2 x Intrepid Initiate
2 x Noble Sacrifice2 x Sunreaver Spy
2 x Conviction (Rank 1)2 x Crossroads Gossiper
2 x Avenge2 x Voracious Reader
2 x Righteous Protector1 x Kazakus, Golem Shaper
2 x Oh My Yogg!
2 x Sword of the Fallen
2 x Hand of A'dal
2 x Northwatch Commander
2 x Goody Two-Shields
1 x Cannonmaster Smythe

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Secret Paladin Mulligan Guide

For your games with Secret Paladin, here’s what you should look to have in your opening hand:

1. Sword of the Fallen is the best card in this deck. It gets your Secrets in play, chips away at your enemy’s health total, and even reduces your risk of weak topdecks.

2. Intrepid Initiate is a fantastic 1-drop, as it offers basically a one mana 3/2 once you activate Spellburst, something you’ll be able to do easily with all your cheap spells.

3. First Day of School can help you activate your Spellburst effects from Intrepid Initiate, as well as give you minions to help out with contesting the board early and buffing with the likes of Avenge.

Secret Paladin tips, combos and synergies

Here are top tips for Secret Paladin:

- Always include Conviction when counting for lethal damage. It offers up to three friendly minions +3 attack, which is a whopping nine damage if your board allows for it.

- Voracious Reader is a super powerful card in this deck to play when you’re low on hand size. I like to try to clear the enemy board first so they struggle to get rid of the minion, as it’s a constant source of card draw.

- Crossroads Gossiper doesn’t just grow by +2/+2 when a single Secret is popped - this minion will keep on growing until it’s an absolute behemoth if your opponent keeps triggering your Secrets.

- Cannonmaster Smythe should be played when you have enough board space to accommodate all the extra 3/3s he summons, otherwise you’ll lose out on the value of your in-play Secrets.

- If your Kazakus, Golem Shaper comes out of your deck in the super-late game, it might be best to craft a giant 10-mana Golem to finish with a bang. However, sometimes this isn’t the way to go - if you need a Taunt minion immediately, use your remaining mana to play a 1-mana Golem to protect yourself for a victory later.

- You should be playing this deck extremely aggressively, otherwise you’ll swiftly run out of cards in both your hand and deck.

- Remember to avoid playing Goody Two-Shields before a spell unless you absolutely have to, otherwise you’ll lose out on the extra Divine Shield she gains from Spellburst.

- If you expect an enemy to hit you with a big board clear, Oh My Yogg! is a perfect counter. However, any Secret can act as a deterrent to your opponent, as they won’t know what it is until testing or triggering it.

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  • inposition #1 5 years ago
    @inposition Scratch Kezan. Doesn't get used enough times. But how about 2 Spellbreakers instead of 2 Piloted Shredders?
  • inposition #2 5 years ago
    What would you think about swapping in Kezan Mystic and Spellbreaker for the 2 Piloted Shredders?
  • davidjacobs36 #3 5 years ago
    I like mulligan for a mysterious challenger
  • rppr #4 5 years ago
    @Phatai Well repentance may seem bad at first, but its actually a pretty good choice especially in this deck since u want to hava a lot of secrets anyways. U can use it to counter youre enemy, for example when u drop mysterious on turn 6, they will tend to not play their boom for example on their turn 7 since it will get repentenced and will be easly destroyed.
    As for the remove of blessing i think it is because u dont run argent squires anymore (since that way u could bless minions with divine shield) and because u have keeper that can give a buff to your minions too, but also can be used to weaken your enemy minions, and u get a minion on the board, wich is great.
  • Phatai #5 5 years ago
    Isn't Repentance a terrible secret? How about replacing it with another Redemption?

    And also can someone please explain why remove Blessing of Kings?
  • sh0opdaw0op #6 5 years ago
    I note that Divine Favor is out of the list in this most recent update. That's the slot I'm least sure about. I've played this deck and this deck only for the past 2 seasons, and the one thing I can say is that there is the potential to play out your hand extremely quickly and be in top deck mode by turn 7 onward if you draw into a lot of secrets. Divine Favor can draw you into gas just when a control deck (namely Renolock these days) is about to turn the tables. That said, I'm currently not running it, but always debating it.
  • shika #7 5 years ago
    @danielfernandogilgar And Face Hunter and the former Grim Patron Deck were OK? This page shows the "best" decks in the Meta. Lern to conquer it with the knowledge provided. Besides, you could find more then enough info elsewhere in the web...
  • danielfernandogilgar #8 5 years ago
  • Bedders #9 5 years ago
    @patrickcinderflame44 Hi there. I was lucky enough to get a very early Tirion so I've never had to worry about this I'm afraid.

    Having said that, I've done some digging around to see what the general consensus is for replacements, and on a budget you might think about a card like Sunwalker or even Force-Tank Max. If you've got the Naxxramas Adventure set, Kel'Thuzad is a popular suggestion, as are standard Legendaries like Ragnaros or Alexstrasza if you have them.

    If anyone else has any suggestions and advice, do let us know!
  • I've got everything here but Tirion, is there a good cheap replacement? He doesn't seem vital to the combo. I'm currently rocking Guardian of Kings, and going 7-5 at about 15-16, (and in only a couple of those games has GoK come up.
  • Bedders #11 5 years ago
    Hi folks, just to say again we're aware that the deck list isn't embedded in the article. For now, please use the hosting link just underneath the "strategy and deck list" header. Apologies! We'll make sure it's added to the article as soon as possible.