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Quest Priest deck list guide - Rastakhan - Hearthstone (December 2018)

Our updated guide to playing the Quest Priest archetype in the Rastakhan meta.

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Our Quest Priest deck list guide features the best Rastakhan deck list for Season 57 of Hearthstone (December 2018). Our Quest Priest guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

Along with every other hero in the game, Priest got a piece of the Quest action last year thanks to the Un'Goro card Awaken the Makers. Once put into play, you're challenged to summon 7 Deathrattle minions onto the board, after which you'll be rewarded with Amara, Warden of Hope. This 5 Mana 8 / 8 not only has Taunt, but also sets your health pool to 40 for the rest of the match.

The deck never really took off in the Un'Goro meta, but Boomsday has provided a few tools to help improve this archetype's fortunes. For that reason, we're taking the opportunity to dust this deck guide off a bit and see what's new. You'll find an updated deck list, as well as the usual Mulligan and combo advice further down the page.


To help you get started with Quest Priest in the first few days of the new Rastakhan meta, we wanted to highlight a very early list that’s subject to a lot of change.

This launch version of the deck was created by Zetalot.

Quest Priest deck list - Rastakhan’s Rumble launch

1 x Awaken the Makers2 x Loot Hoarder
2 x Dead Ringer2 x Shallow Gravedigger
2 x Mind Blast2 x Voodoo Doll
2 x Seance1 x Weaponized Pinata
2 x Shadow Visions2 x Bone Drake
2 x Twilight's Call1 x Mojomaster Zihi
2 x Duskbreaker1 x Alexstrasza
2 x Reckless Experimenter
2 x Psychic Scream
1 x Princess Talanji
1 x Shadowreaper Anduin

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When we know the shape of the meta we’ll be completely overhauling all of our deck guides to reflect the settled deck list. Until then, all the content in this article should be considered general advice that refers to a previous version of the deck.

Quest Priest deck list and strategy

Here's the Quest Priest deck list that's seeing the most successful ladder play at the moment. As we say it's not one of the strongest performers - yet - and so you should avoid crafting anything required until the meta has at least stabilised.

1 x Awaken the Makers2 x Mecharoo
2 x Crystalline Oracle1 x Bloodmage Thalnos
2 x Dead Ringer2 x Loot Hoarder
2 x Shadow Visions1 x Gluttonous Ooze
1 x Spirit Lash2 x Kaboom Bot
1 x Shadow Word: Death1 x Zola the Gorgon
2 x Twilight's Call2 x Bone Drake
2 x Duskbreaker2 x Primordial Drake
1 x Archbishop Benedictus
2 x Psychic Scream
1 x Shadowreaper Anduin

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAa0GCO0F0wqWxALTxQKJzQLwzwKQ0wLD6gIL+wHRwQLVwQLJxwLHywLo0AKp4gLL5gL2/QKh/gL/gAMA

For strategy advice, see the combo section towards the bottom of this page. We'll flesh this section out with advice for handling specific opponents if the deck becomes more competitive over time.

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Quest Priest Mulligan guide

In general you'll find the following cards to be the best keeps in pretty much every match-up. If the deck takes off we'll provide hero-specific advice on what to look for in your opening hand.

  • Awaken the Makers: This is your core Quest card and one that's always worth getting out in play on Turn 1.
  • Dead Ringer: A new card that provides early-game presence and regenerates more fuel for your Quest objective when it dies.
  • Crystalline Oracle: Another bit of Quest fuel which can sometimes provide you with an outstanding piece of your opponent's puzzle!
  • Loot Hoarder: A decent enough early-game minion that helps towards your Quest progress, helps you contest the board, and provides you with further fuel when it perishes.
  • Mecharoo: Early board presence which effectively replicates itself on the board when it dies.
  • Kaboom Bot: A three drop with poor stats for the cost, but one that nevertheless may eliminate a minion when it dies.
  • Bloodmage Thalnos: Very much in last place, this card is arguably better used when you can make use of the bonus spell damage.

Quest Priest tips, combos and synergies

Here's a quick breakdown of all the combos that power this deck. Take a bit of time to study these before jumping straight into the ladder:

- Every minion you play with Deathrattle after commencing the Quest will count towards its objective. You need to directly or indirectly summon seven such minions during the course of play.

- All damage dealing spells have their power increased by one point as long as Bloodmage Thalnos is present on the board.

- The choice is random - and you hope to trigger the effect on meatier cards like Bone Drake - but Twilight's Call will summon minor copies of two Deathrattle minions that died earlier on in the game.

- You need to keep two things in mind with Duskbreaker. First of all, the Battlecry affects minions on both sides of the board. Secondly, you must have another Dragon such as Bone Drake or Primordial Drake in your hand for the damage to go off.

- Primordial Drake is another Battlecry card that affects your own minions as well as your opponent's.

- When Archbishop Benedictus is played, a copy of every card left in your opponent's deck will be shuffled into yours.

- Shadowreaper Anduin destroys all friendly and enemy minions on the board with five or more Attack when played. You'll also gain a new damage-dealing Hero Power which is refreshed every time you play a card.

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