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Overload Shaman deck list guide - Rise of Shadows - Hearthstone (June 2019)

How to play the new Rise of Shadows version of Overload Shaman this month.

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Our Overload Shaman deck list guide features the best Rise of Shadows deck list for Season 63 of Hearthstone (June 2019). Our Overload Shaman guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

Overload Shaman is a Hearthstone deck that's started to make a bit of a comeback in the current meta, thanks to the inclusion of some new cards that play specifically into this mechanic. By spending a little of tomorrow's Mana today, you hope to gain an advantage on the board that will ultimately prove overwhelming for the opponent.

For that reason, we thought it might be an idea to dust off our old guide to playing this archetype. In this first update you'll find a deck list created specifically for this point in the Rise of Shadows meta. Note that this has recently made a comeback, and it remains to be seen how competitive it will prove to be in the long run.

Still, we've added in some Mulligan, strategy and combo advice so you can make the best of this exciting new addition to the competitive Hearthstone roster.

UPDATE - JUNE 2019 #1

Overload Shaman has proved very popular in the wake of the recent rebalancing patch. For that reason we've taken the opportunity to full overhaul our old guide with the latest deck list and adjusted strategy advice. Let's see how this one goes over the rest of the Rise of Shadows meta!

Overload Shaman deck list and strategy

Here's the best version of Overload Shaman that we're aware of right now. If it continues being part of the meta then we'll continue updating our recommended list over time.

2 x Zap!
1 x Earth Shock
2 x Lightning Bolt
2 x Sludge Slurper
2 x Voltaic Burst
2 x Earthen Might
2 x Likkim
2 x Rockbiter Weapon
2 x Underbelly Angler
1 x Electra Stormsurge
2 x Feral Spirit
2 x Lava Burst
2 x Spirit of the Frog
2 x Unbound Elemental
2 x Thunderhead
2 x Doomhammer

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAaoIAv8FmfsCDu4B7wHgAvkDhgbgBrDwAvbwAo/7Apz/AoyFA/aKA4yUA8aZAwA=

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Overload Shaman Mulligan guide

These are the cards you’ll want to search for in your opening hand:

  • 1. Sludge Slurper: Lackey value is always useful in the opening stages of the game, but you'll need to plan around the bonus token minion you get from this character.
  • 2. Underbelly Angler: Particularly useful if you can follow it up with the Sludge Slurper. Otherwise a reasonably sturdy early minion.
  • 3. Likkim: You'll be Overloading a fair bit with this deck, and a supercharged Likkim will prove very useful when it comes to controlling the board early on.

Overload Shaman tips, combos and synergies

Chances are you've not played around with Overload Shaman for a while, so we'll run you through all of the most critical card combos that exist in this particular version of the deck:

- If you play a Murloc while Underbelly Angler is out on the board, a random Murloc will be added to your hand.

- Earthen Might will give any minion an extra +2 / +2 of stats. If you can target an Elemental with this spell though, you'll also draw an extra card.

- If you are currently subject to an Overload penalty, Likkim will have an extra two points of Attack.

- All spells, notably damage spells like Lava Burst and Rockbiter Weapon, will be triggered twice while Electra Stormsurge is out on the board.

- Spirit of the Frog can be used to “chain” spell draw from your deck.

- Unbound Elemental gains an extra +1 / +1 of stats every time you play an Overload card from your hand.

- Doomhammer with Rockbiter Weapon is a classic play, and will very often give you the damage you need to get over the finishing line!

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  • mipwns #1 2 years ago
    Yups White Eyes is the card that makes the control Shaman strategy come together. Apart from that card this deck is designed to serve Hallazeal the Ascvended in Healing as you cast you AOE spells. I'd say leave out 1 or 2 Devolve's and/or a Jade Lightning card.

    This deck tells the story of Shamans retarded nephew, Mr. Shame-on.
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  • Bedders #2 2 years ago
    @lgemmr A previous version of the deck actually featured White Eyes. You can work him into this month's deck if you like, or alternatively try last month's highlighted list:


    2 x Spirit Claws
    2 x Jade Claws
    2 x Lava Shock
    2 x Maelstrom Portal
    2 x Elemental Destruction
    1 x Healing Wave
    2 x Hex
    2 x Lightning Storm
    1 x Mana Tide Totem
    2 x Jade Lightning
    2 x Jinyu Waterspeaker
    1 x Aya Blackpaw
    1 x Hallazeal the Ascended
    1 x White Eyes
    2 x Thing from Below


    1 x Bloodmage Thalnos
    2 x Azure Drake
    1 x Sylvanas Windrunner
    1 x N'Zoth, the Corruptor

    Let me know if you need anything else!
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  • lgemmr #3 2 years ago
    Is White Eyes any good in this deck?
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  • thebiggestben #4 2 years ago
    I started out using this deck but I felt something was missing so I've subbed in some jade cards to add a little something extra to the deck and it has worked out great for me so far. I cut the scarabs, Cairne, Ysera, Curator, and Chillmaw in favor of 2 Jade Claws, 2 Jade Lightning and Aya Blackpaw and a Mana tide totem for some card draw. Not only is it a cheaper option but the extra removal and weapon help to maintain board early with pirate warrior and aggro shaman until the late game when you can simply out value them. The jade drops that come from these these also puts some pressure on them to actually make some trades for once instead of just being able to smorc face without thinking.
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  • Bedders #5 2 years ago
    @potchfrog I'll look into a way of preserving these somewhere on the site.

    One of the motivations for launching Metabomb was to provide a place where you could get one core version of the 30 or so deck archetypes in the game, and not have a big bloated mess of alternative options - and no clear way of differentiating the relative power of one deck from another.

    If I can find a tidy way of accommodating older versions of decks though then I'll do it. Thanks for the feedback!
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  • potchfrog #6 2 years ago
    you should still be able to view the older decklists because I really like the september control shaman and it was much cheaper but now I can't view it
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