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OTK Warrior (Standard): Mulligan guide and card combos - Hearthstone

How to dominate the ladder using the devastating Worgen Warrior deck in Season 30.

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OTK Warrior (Standard) Mulligan guide - September 2016

The most important cards to look for are those that allow you to control the board and start the card-draw process. Look for the likes of Blood To Ichor, Loot Hoarder and Fiery War Axe as priority keeps. If you're luck enough to receive one of those, you can start reaching for cards such as Ravaging Ghoul and even Acolyte of Pain.

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OTK Warrior (Standard) combos and synergies - September 2016

The most important combo considerations involve your Raging Worgen and can be found further up this article. There are other synergies to keep in mind as well though!

Be aware of the following card interactions as you play out every game using this deck.

- Every spell in this deck will trigger the AOE damage effect of Wild Pyromancer for as long as it's out on the board. Note the effects of the spell you cast will play out before the Pyromancer does his thing.

- You can bring any minion into the range of Execute by damaging it via Inner Rage, Blood To Ichor, Cruel Taskmaster or Ravaging Ghoul.

- The cost of every card in your hand is reduced by one Mana Crystal for each turn that Emperor Thaurissan remains on the board (your opponent will prioritise clearing him accordingly!).

- Slam plays very nicely with Acolyte of Pain to draw a total of two cards.

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