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Murloc Paladin deck list guide - Scholomance Academy - Hearthstone (August 2020)

Our top tips on piloting Hearthstone's Murloc Paladin deck.

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Our Murloc Paladin deck list guide features the best deck list for Season 77 of Hearthstone (August 2020), the beginning of Scholomance Academy. You can also find some general strategy advice and a breakdown of the deck’s key combos, but we will continue to add more over time.

Now that Prismatic Lens is no longer in Standard format, Murloc Paladin plays a lot more like a standard Murloc deck. Play out your fishy bois, buff them up with other Murlocs, and try to pull off the win. Of course, Ashes of Outland has brought in some exciting new toys for this deck to play with, including the super-powerful 1-drop Imprisoned Sungill, as well as the Legendary minion Murgur Murgurgle, who's just waiting to flood the board as Murgurgle Prime.

It's pretty simple to play this deck list - stay on curve and be aggressive. We'll be keeping an eye on this one to see if it makes a splash.

Murloc Paladin deck list and strategy

Here is the version of Murloc Paladin for Scholomance Academy. We'll keep you updated as things evolve.

2 x Imprisoned Sungill2 x Toxfin
1 x Murgur Murgurgle2 x Murloc Tidecaller
2 x Hand of A'dal2 x Murmy
2 x Underlight Angling Rod2 x Hench-Clan Hogsteed
2 x Truesilver Champion2 x Murloc Tidehunter
2 x Scalelord2 x Fishflinger
2 x Coldlight Seer
2 x Murloc Warleader
1 x Hoard Pillager
2 x Felfin Navigator

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAZ8FAuiwA/y4Aw7FA9sDzwbQB6cItZgDx50Dr6cDyqsDyLgDybgD9rgD+7gDysEDAA==

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General strategy

Below, you’ll find our guide to help you navigate the exciting world that is Murloc Paladin.

Early Game: You want to start with some cheap Murloc minions. Imprisoned Sungill is a great starter, as well as Murloc Tidecaller which can start dealing some real good damage if possible. They’ll buff each other and start flooding the board if your opponent is complacent, so focus on this and try to catch them off guard. Remember, Murlocs on board and ready to attack can be buffed up with Murloc Warleader and Coldlight Seer if you need that extra push for damage or survival.

Mid Game: Toxfin is a great way to clear out any big Taunts your opponent puts in your way, and works great on a Murloc with Divine Shield. You can actually achieve this if you play Scalelord on a fairly wide board.

Just stick to the plan - all these Murlocs will force some chunky board clears out of your opponent and they’ll likely end up burning through them faster than they’d like. Warriors will end up Brawling your bunch of Murlocs, whilst Shaman enemies will end up having to throw their Hagatha’s Schemes out the window early. All this is absolutely fine, as you have a seemingly endless supply of fishy friends to lob in your opponent’s direction.

Late Game: At this point, you could well be on the cusp of victory. Just keep buffing your fishy boys and you'll be golden.

Murloc Paladin Mulligan Guide

Unlike most aggressive gameplans, you want to mulligan for a very specific start.

1. Imprisoned Sungill doesn't do anything when played, but after a bit of waiting it gives you some great offensive options for wide Murloc buffs.

2. Early on, you’ll want to keep hold of strong Murlocs. Murloc Tidecaller is a solid choice here.

3. It's often worth keeping Murgur Murgurgle early on so you can potentially draw Murgurgle Prime later as an aggressive finisher and curve-topper.

Murloc Paladin tips, combos and synergies

Keep in mind the card synergies and combos to best play Murloc Paladin. It’s a deck you’ll need to get the hang of, but should be able to learn quickly:

- Murloc Warleader gives all your Murlocs +2 attack as long as it survives, making your 1/1 Murmy and tiny Murloc Scout actual threats to enemy minions.

- Hand of A'dal should be considered when calculating lethal damage, as should Felfin Navigator which buffs all your Murlocs permanently by +1/+1.

- Underlight Angling Rod adds extra Murlocs to your hand and should be used whenever possible to clear the way for your minions to hit face.

- Voracious Reader is great for mid-game card draw - it draws 3 every single turn it survives if you have an empty hand.

- Fishy Flyer adds extra value to your hand, but remember the Ghost with Rush doesn't have a Murloc tag or synergy.

- Coldlight Seer’s Battlecry adds 2 health to all of your Murlocs, which can enable some great value trades if you can get them to survive.

- Murloc Warleader buffs your fellow Murlocs’ attack by +2 whenever it’s on board. It isn’t a Battlecry or Deathrattle, so however it goes into play, the buff will apply until it dies.

- Consider playing Coldlight Seer before trading with your Murlocs - it might help them survive for future offensive turns.

- Murmy buffs Murloc Tidecaller’s attack both when it’s played and when it’s resummoned through its Reborn effect.

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  • grobson #1 4 years ago
    @grobson I should revise, maybe a tier 3 deck. Save your dust.
  • grobson #2 4 years ago
    I spent quite a bit of dust filling this in and I doubt it's a tier one deck.
  • Bedders #3 4 years ago
    @Nazzul I take no credit for the deck list but Murloc Paladin is definitely disgustingly powerful right now! Good luck with the climb and let us know how you get on with it - John.
  • Nazzul #4 4 years ago
    So a few days ago I wanted to fix up my old crappy murloc paladin and googled for a good one. I found this article. I didn't really know how good this deck was until I started winning.....a lot. I have never gone past rank 20 but have only lost 2 games so far and I feel I am on the way to legend.
  • Twistlegens #5 4 years ago
    I think we should also keep Righteous protector right?
  • Bedders #6 4 years ago
    @lasombrauk Hey I'm so sorry about that. I've been sick for the second half of this week and so was in a rush (a bit too much of a rush) to get the Top 10 decks squared up for the new month before I crashed out.

    I did Aggro and Murloc Paladin one after the other which is why I've got my wires crossed in the intro. The deck ID should also be functioning correctly now. Let me know if you have any more problems.

    I'm going to do a quick double check on all the other updates to make sure everything's in proper working order. Thanks for letting me know about this.
  • lasombrauk #7 4 years ago
    @Bedders the import code is not the deck shown FYI. And the nerf paragraph talks about Argo paladin, not murloc?
  • Bedders #8 4 years ago
    @Likereading Hi there! Thanks for the compliment, glad the article helped you out. I've just updated it for the February meta - fingers crossed you can do Legend again before the nerfs hit...
  • Likereading #9 4 years ago
    Many thanks to the author! Took legend with this deck today. I may officially claim: it works :)
  • Bedders #10 5 years ago
    Hi folks. This deck list is now updated for the start of the Frozen Throne meta and is of course subject to change over time. Any comments above this one may not reflect the makeup of the current deck!
  • steve360 #11 5 years ago
    Curator would draw two cards as Gentle Megasaur is a beast + Murloc.
    Too many big cards would slow the deck down but if you do not have Finja you could use Curator instead.
  • loganotto85 #12 5 years ago
    Would The Curator be good in this deck? It only will ever draw one card, and if so, what should I replace?
  • loganotto85 #13 5 years ago
    Would The Curator be good in this deck? It only will ever draw one card, and if so, what should I replace?
  • Pierce115 #14 5 years ago
    This article is very informative, but I think there is so many more specific details that you add with this article. I'm not sure how big the metabomb team is, but I think they could maybe spend more time on diving deep into the details. Example of specific detail: Noble Sacrifce combos great with Steward of Darkshire because the Defender receives a Divine Shield before taking damage.
  • steve360 #15 5 years ago
    Great deck.
    I have got legend with it.
    I did take Grimestreet out of the deck and added sword of justice.
  • BetaMomb #16 5 years ago
    @murlockpalasucks Username checks out.
  • murlockpalasucks #17 5 years ago
  • Shuggy99 #18 5 years ago
    works really well, good combos and brilliant early to mid game, only critisicm is that it lacks reliable end game burst. But that can be overlooked as most of the time you can end the game pretty early.

    Great deck :)
  • PS4Gaming #19 5 years ago
    definitely not tier 1
  • MeltedWater #20 5 years ago
    @lgemmr It's actually BAD to have more than just those 5. Bluegills and Warleaders insure the most damage from your second Anyfin. In fact, if all you had were Warleaders and Bluegills, then you'd do either 30 or 32 damage from the 2nd Anyfin, assuming all 4 both died twice and you have a clear board to summon them on.

    However, throwing Finja into the mix actually makes the 2nd Anyfin a lot worse. Fortunately, it's very unlikely to actually cost you the game. Quite the contrary...I've won many games just from Finja's amazing board presence he brings.
    @eviletwiz Bloodmage A second Forbidden Healing is the obvious answer here. In fact, I use 2 of them AND Rag, but you absolutely need that healing.
  • eviletwiz #21 5 years ago
    I don't have rag the light, and am f2p, what's a good replacement?
  • lgemmr #22 5 years ago
    @Bedders thanks. I overlooked the first anyfins effects in terms of killed murlocs. Haven't played murloc paladin basically at all- which definitely should change
  • Bedders #23 5 years ago
    @lgemmr Honestly it's enough given the rest of the power of the deck. I've finished off plenty of matches without casting a single Anyfin.

    Don't forget as well that any Murlocs killed after casting the first Anyfin get added to the pool for the second.

    No one can say right now that any deck is fully optimised obviously, but this is a concern that comes up every time and I promise you you will not be stuck for Murlocs*!

    (*On average, and over many games - there will always be outlier situations with any deck.)
  • lgemmr #24 5 years ago
    Five murlocs doesn't seem like a huge effect for Anyfin. Why only five?
  • Bedders #25 5 years ago
    Just a quick note that if you're here looking for the Gadgetzan version of this deck, swing on over to our round-up of the best Gadgetzan decks - we've got a very aggressive version of Murloc Paladin listed there, but we're not committing to it until a bit more time has passed.
  • Bedders #26 6 years ago
    @joekertesz48 We had a good discussion about this in a previous edition of this feature. Basically, the ones that die as part of the first Anyfin push become part of the "death pool" for the second casting of it.

    Combine that with the sturdiness of the deck in general (it's not unheard of to finish matches without having to play a single Anyfin) and you have a very pwoerful deck for climbing the ladder with.

    I think the most memorable win I ever had with this deck involved beating a Warrior down to near zero, then down again post-Reno and with a massive stack of armour on him too - and I still had both Anyfins sitting dormant in my hand when the match ended.
  • joekertesz48 #27 6 years ago
    This deck sounds fun to play with :)
    I have one question though... how do you hope to bring back 7 Murlocks with Anyfin Can Happen if there are a total of 4 Murlocks in the deck?
  • Guzzby #28 6 years ago
    How do you get 7 Murlocs when you only have 4 Murloc cards?
  • Bedders #29 6 years ago
    @fanap Yep, you'd be surprised at how few Murlocs you actually need to make this deck work. I've won games where I've busted through a last-gasp Reno Jackson play by the opponent, then brought them all the way back down again, and while both Anyfins sat in my hand unneeded given the strength of my board!
  • ActionFlash #30 6 years ago
    @fanap So after the 4 Murlocs are dead, you play Anyfin which brings them all back. You can either play another one which will bring the 4 back again, or trade the original 4 resurrected Murlocs, then play your 2nd Anyfin and 7 of the 8 will be summoned.
  • fanap #31 6 years ago
    Am I missing something with using this deck?
    It only has 4 Murlocs but 2 Anyfin Can Happen. Is that worth it?
  • dal2k305 #32 6 years ago
    @Klck I don't think you understand anyfin's effects. It revives 7 Murlocs that died no matter what. There is no chance at play unless more than 7 dies.
  • Bedders #33 6 years ago
    @Klck Do give it a go, I've been surprised at its consistency!
  • Klck #34 6 years ago
    Ofc 2nd anyfin will be HUGE 95% of times you play it, im just not sure about 1st one. I think its better than it looks on the paper and i will test it myself today evening.
  • Bedders #35 6 years ago
    @Klck I've had no trouble getting over the finishing line with the deck list as it is but sure you could make those changes.

    I find with the extra sustain in the deck you more often than not get your double Anyfin off - and of course that multiplies the number of Murlocs that come into play yet again.

    I decided to jump into a quick casual game just now to double check the deck again. Note that this is after the Warrior had played Reno Jackson - and I've still got both Anyfins in my hand!

    (Ignore my dreadful positioning, I wasn't trying too hard...)
  • Klck #36 6 years ago
    Also warleader seems to be vanila creature if not paired with hasty one. In my opinion almost every 10 drop would be better in slot of anyfin in this build, not mentioning tens of playable 3drops in place of warleaders. Get more murlocs or resign of them at all.

    Sorry for double.
  • Klck #37 6 years ago
    I wonder anyfin is good enough with just 4 murlocs in deck. On average it will hit 2-3 of them. What if all you get are 2 warleaders? You just lost late game turn and prolly match. I would consider murloc knight and bilefin playing this archetype.
  • army-24-ranger #38 6 years ago
    I think that the MRGLGLGLGLLLL variations of this deck are horrible. This deck (the one with only bluegill warriors, murloc warleaders and old murk eye) is absolutely perfect. I hit legend for the first time season 23. Running only is deck, secret paladin and the Enhance-o-mechano Warlock Zoo. and The paladin murloc OTK had by far the highest W/L ratio.. Against other meta decks, this deck is just too stong :) but i run a Dr. boom instead of humility.
  • Gr81derer #39 6 years ago
  • Greywolf74 #40 6 years ago
    Yeah man, that makes more sense to me now. I felt like I was missing something and that cleared it up for me. Thanks!
  • murlocs4life #41 6 years ago
    Hey dude, I've been playing this deck for a while now as its a bundle of fun. The reason for there being only 5 Murloc's, is the fact you only need the ones which will increase your combo when you play Anyfin can Happen. Having extra Murlocs simple decreases the guarantee of a big charge based combo.

    For example:

    Playing 1st Anyfin. If you have played one of each Murloc before turn 10, this will give you 4 and 6 instant attack. This would be the minimum I would recommend before you play Anyfin. I will use this as board clearance sometimes.

    So when you play the second Anfin, the combo will increase to 6,6,10,10. This is only increased by the second Murloc warleader which at this point we have not included :)

    So the deck is based around the ability to draw and stall until you play both of your Anyfins and OTK your opponent.

    If you check here: this will tell you exactly how the card works.

    I hope this helps you
  • Greywolf74 #42 6 years ago
    Ok, Am I missing something here? The deck is supposed to be centered around anyfin can happen but theres not even 7 murlocs in the whole deck?
  • Bedders #43 6 years ago
    @pmart1979 Yeah it can also be a little bit slow to pop up sometimes. Our tech team are looking into image-related issues in general.
  • pmart1979 #44 6 years ago
    Ack - firewall! lol
  • pmart1979 #45 6 years ago
    Am I being blind here? Where is the deck list?
  • markhertzler77 #46 6 years ago
    This deck just wrecked my Renolock... Heals don't matter when your opponent can OTK. What are good counters to this deck?
  • Bedders #47 6 years ago
    @Gloum Glad it's started working out for you!
  • Gloum #48 6 years ago
    ok I've changed my way to play it and I must say I like it a lot. Always trade minions, never atk face until anyfin, and that does miracle.

    Also I would advise to not hesitate to use the first anyfin even if you only have 3 or 4 dead murlocs, the ennemy will certainly clear them and then you can use the second one to have those sweet 7 murlocs.

  • Gloum #49 6 years ago
    Hey idk why but i can't reply directly to you, so i'll just post like that.

    Yea I'm already doing it, it's just I almost never get a single murloc XD even when using x2 lays on hands!! I guess i'm just unlucky. It worked rly well like 3 times, and that was awesome.

    Also you can add in the tips that if you use a second Anyfin can happen it will resummon the dead murlocs even if they are still on the board from the first one!! (idk if it's clear, english not my native language sry XD). Was rly not excepting that when I had a second Old Murk Eye on the board from my 2nd Anyfin!

    Good day!
  • Bedders #50 6 years ago
    Hey Gloum, thanks for the nice feedback about the guides - it's really appreciated.

    The trick really with this deck is not to wait until you get maximum value out of the Murlocs you pull in the early game. It's nice to get the extra benefit of Murloc Warleader if you can, but it's also fine to play as a 3-Mana card on its own. You want them dead so they can be resurrected for that massive burst in the late-game.

    Apologies if I've misunderstood you and you're already doing that. If you're already taking this approach but just not getting the Murlocs to burn, it may just be a poor streak of luck. It's not the strongest meta-deck right now, but you should be able to do pretty well with it anyway!
  • Gloum #51 6 years ago

    First comment here! Before anything I want to thank the author(s) of those guides, helped me a lot.

    Now about this one I find it really cool and fun when you actualy have some murlocs. After like 10 / 15 games I'm definitly feeling it lacks some. Oftenly at turn 10 I have to wait to actualy draw more than 1 or 2 to make good use of the card. Maybe I was just extremely unlucky in all my games, idk.

    I don't have time to try to tweak the deck myself, but I'll definitly keep an eye on it.

    Otherwise it's a lot of fun and there it's so funny to see this badass army coming from the dead. When it works, it's awesome.