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Malygos Druid deck list guide - Rise of Shadows - Hearthstone (May 2019)

Our updated guide to playing Malygos Druid in the Rise of Shadows era.

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Our Malygos Druid deck list guide features the best Rise of Shadows deck list for Season 62 of Hearthstone (May 2019). Our Malygos Druid guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

Malygos Druid is a Hearthstone deck that we’ve seen players trial out across various expansions and yearly cycles. It was one of the game’s best in the Boomsday era when the Druid class dominated the top tier of competitive decks, although it sadly cannot repeat that claim to fame in the early days of the Year of the Dragon.

It’s a deck that’s still seeing some play in the new meta, though. It seems people can’t resist the allure of ramping up your Mana extremely quickly and then unleashing a barrage of damage directly at your opponent’s life total for an explosive win.

Sometimes, there really is nothing quite as satisfying as summoning the mighty Malygos, seeing all those high damage numbers on your spells, and then slamming all of that lovely damage right into their face.

In the latest version of our Malygos Druid guide, we’ve updated the page with the latest deck list that's seeing competitive play on the new meta ladder. We've also got a huge amount of strategy advice for playing it against both fast and slow opponents, as well as tips for Mulliganing the deck correctly.

Finally, you can read a breakdown of all the combos in the deck alongside a look at possible card replacements.

UPDATE - MAY 2019 #1

There's not a lot of love for Malygos Druid in the current meta, and so there's no change to the established deck list. We'll likely leave this one as it is unless something drastic happens in the next few weeks.

This article contains additional reporting by James Pickard.

Malygos Druid deck list and strategy

This is the best version of Malygos Druid in Hearthstone right now. We don’t expect the list to change much from this considering how long it’s been around and its low position in the tier list. We’ll return with an update if needed, though.

2 x Innervate2 x Faceless Manipulator
2 x Moonfire2 x Witchwood Grizzly
2 x Wrath1 x Jepetto Joybuzz
2 x Ferocious Howl1 x Alexstrasza
2 x Wild Growth1 x Malygos
2 x Witching Hour
2 x Predatory Instincts
2 x Swipe
2 x Starfall
2 x Nourish
1 x Starfire
2 x Dreampetal Florist

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General strategy

Malygos Druid is a fairly straightforward combo deck that aims to control your opponent’s board throughout the early and mid game. Your strategy changes drastically in the late game when you can set up some huge burst damage with cheap spells and the five bonus spell power from the deck’s titular dragon. Ideally, you’ll be able to execute this combo in a single turn, with cards like Dreampetal Florist and Jepetto Joybuzz giving you the wiggle room with extra Mana to play everything you need at once.

Early game: As with any late game oriented Druid deck, your priorities at the start of a match will be to ramp your Mana as quickly as possible. You also have Ferocious Howl to help draw through to the combo pieces you’ll need in the late game. Make sure you don’t use Moonfire to clear minions – you have Wrath, Swipe and Starfall to clear an opponent’s board.

Mid game: Continue ramping with Nourish. That choice is always correct over card draw at this stage of the game. You can keep stalling your opponent with cards such as Witchwood Grizzly as you tick over into the late game. You can bring this bulky Beast back onto the board with Witching Hour should it die, or pull a buffed up version from your deck using Predatory Instincts to create an even more significant wall for your opponent to punch through.

Late game: Here’s where the deck hits its stride. If you’re still waiting for Malygos at this stage, you’ve got the chance to delay your opponent a little longer using Starfire. You can also use Jepetto Joybuzz in an attempt to draw it from your deck. If you do it this way the cost will be massively reduced, making the combo with all your spells so much easier to pull off. Or try to force the cost reduction onto it with Dreampetal Florist.

In any case, when you’re ready to go, throw down Malygos and then simply unleash all the burst damage spells you have in hand. For extra security, you can play Alexstrasza the turn before to cut your opponent’s health pool down to 15 or copy your Malygos with Faceless Manipulator to really bump up your spell power and guarantee the kill.

Aggro opponents

Here are some tips for dealing with any aggro decks you come up against:

  • 1. You may feel yourself getting overwhelmed a little in the early game but it isn’t a disaster with all the removal and stall available in the deck.
  • 2. If you can ramp up to five or six Mana quickly, cards like Witchwood Grizzly will do wonders to stop fast decks in their tracks.
  • 3. Use the early to mid game to cycle through your deck. Don’t worry about clearing every minion that comes down each turn – you can afford to take some damage!
  • 4. As soon as you reach late game and start throwing down your bigger minions there’ll usually be too much for smaller aggro decks to handle.
  • 5. Only use your cheap damage spells on a minion you’re truly desperate. You’d prefer to save them for your damage combo at the end of the game.

Control opponents

Here’s what you should be thinking about when facing control decks on ladder:

  • 1. Feel free to take even more time to ramp and draw in the early game, as neither of you will be in a rush.
  • 2. Be very cautious, however, if your opponent can build up a lot of Armor. You’ll need to chip away at that, otherwise, they’ll be able to survive your burst damage finisher.
  • 3. With no hard removal in the deck, you’ll want to focus even more on burst damage to their life total and ignore minions where possible.
  • 4. A Faceless Manipulator on one of your opponent’s larger creatures can sometimes be the best play if you need something to contest them.

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Malygos Druid Mulligan guide

There are only a few cards you desperately want to find in your opening hand so it’s worth using your Mulligan aggressively for the top three.

  • 1. Wild Growth: The card you always want in your opening hand as Druid to start your Mana ramp as soon as possible.
  • 2. Predatory Instincts: Can tutor a Witchwood Grizzly from your deck while giving it a huge Health buff for something to play on Turn 5.
  • 3. Wrath: Solid early game removal tool that can also work as card draw.
  • 4. Ferocious Howl: Useful early game card draw and the added Armor is a nice bonus.

Malygos Druid tips, combos and synergies

Here are the most important card synergies that you have at your disposal when playing this exact version of Malygos Druid. When the deck list changes, so will the combo advice here:

- Casting Wild Growth grants you an extra Mana point for the remainder of the match. The earlier you play this spell the better. Innervate serves a similar function but will grant you one bonus Mana for just that only.

- As Witchwood Grizzly is the only Beast in the deck, it’ll be the only possible card you can draw from Predatory Instincts, ensuring it gets a huge Health buff. Similarly, it’ll be the only minion you can revive using Witching Hour and be a huge threat for your opponent to remove.

- There are some good targets in the deck for Faceless Manipulator. The most obvious one is Malygos to get you even more spell damage, but you can also hit Witchwood Grizzly if you need the extra Taunt minion.

- Ferocious Howl draws a card from your deck, and then applies a point of Armor for each card you have in your hand at the time.

- Even though it seemingly has a terrible downside, Jepetto Joybuzz is great if it hits Malygos and Alexstrasza. You play both of those minions for their effects over their stats and being able to use them both on the same turn is a huge tempo play that sets up your win condition even easier.

- When you hit End Turn, Dreampetal Florist will reduce the cost of a single minion in your hand by seven Mana. You’ll want to try and force it to hit Malygos.

- Malygos increases the strength of the following spells by an extra five points of damage and is a key part of your win-condition: Moonfire, Swipe and Starfire.

Card choices and substitutes

These are some of the most important cards in Malygos Druid, as well as some substitution examples if you need them.

  • Moonfire: Save this for your opponent’s life total once you’ve dropped one or two copies of Malygos onto the board for surprise lethal damage.
  • Wild Growth: Even after the nerf this is still some important Mana ramp for Druid to get you to your late game even quicker.
  • Witching Hour: Can revive your Witchwood Grizzly to give you the extra stalling power you need to reach your late game combo.
  • Predatory Instincts: Gives a big Health buff to your Witchwood Grizzly so it’s even tougher for your opponent to deal with easily.
  • Faceless Manipulator: Allows you to copy Malygos so you have even more spell power for your big finisher.
  • Witchwood Grizzly: You need time to work up to your Malygos combo finisher and this bulky minion helps you do just that by sitting like a giant wall your opponent needs to get through.
  • Nourish: Quite simply more Mana ramp for you to get to the late game quicker.
  • Jepetto Joybuzz: Can give your Malygos and Alexstrasza a seriously deep discount that makes the combo easier to pull off in a single turn or sooner.
  • Alexstrasza: Can make executing the combo with Malygos a lot easier by slicing down your opponent’s life total to 15 the turn before or the same turn if its cost has been reduced.
  • Malygos: There’d be no deck without it. If you can get one copy down the spell power boost is nice. A second one and your opponent stands no chance.

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  • Flip-HS #1 11 months ago
    Army of the Dead Remove the top 5 cards of your deck. Summony any minions removed.

    Misspelled summon. Just a heads up!
  • Mavey #2 A year ago
    @Bedders Can Ixlid have a place in this deck?
  • Bedders #3 A year ago

    Here is the Malygos Druid deck list you should be playing ahead of the Boomsday release. Thanks for your patience as we try to get ahead of the launch chaos a little early, and do ask me if you have any questions about playing this version. Do an @ Bedders without the space so I get a notification.


    1 x Innervate
    2 x Moonfire
    2 x Lesser Jasper Spellstone
    2 x Naturalize
    2 x Wild Growth
    2 x Ferocious Howl
    2 x Branching Paths
    2 x Swipe
    1 x Twig of the World Tree
    2 x Nourish
    1 x Starfall
    2 x Spreading Plague
    1 x Malfurion the Pestilent
    2 x Ultimate Infestation


    2 x Arcane Tyrant
    1 x Faceless Manipulator
    1 x The Lich King
    1 x Alexstrasza
    1 x Malygos

  • Bedders #4 A year ago
    @UUUNREAL I've not seen anyone run with this tbh as FM's primary job is to duplicate Malygos. Given the survivability options you have plus late-game card draw through Ultimate Infestation I think statistically one should be enough.

    Obviously you're going to have runs of bad luck when it comes to finding Malygos but it seems OK as it is. If you make any changes that work out for you though it would be great to hear what you've found!
  • UUUNREAL #5 A year ago
    Should i add in another manipulator?
  • RedRocket131 #6 A year ago
    Just wondering if the jade idols are necessary? Seems like a silence or 2 or 2nd swipe may be a little more useful. Any feedback is appreciated.
  • Bedders #7 A year ago
    @RedRocket131 Hey sorry for the delay in replying to you. I've been on holiday for the last week or so and just getting the site up to speed for the September meta.

    I think what you're suggesting is definitely viable and this deck list is a very early version for the Frozen Throne meta. I'll be looking into the latest version of the deck shortly and I wouldn't be surprised if I come across a few that have travelled down this very road!
  • RedRocket131 #8 A year ago
    Just curious as to how successful, if at all, this deck has been. I'm about to play it and see how it goes. My initial reaction was no Auctioneer? Not only is he perfect for card draw but he's great bait as well, get the powerful cards out of ur opponents hand if one is ready to play Maly.. just throwing a thought out there, maybe provoke a response
  • nicholasjessemathews #9 2 years ago
    @martel2010 Not really, but I will not I often don't draw into him and win anyway. Losing him won't ruin your win condition, he just makes it more likely, especially if you end up having to use innervates early to protect yourself.
  • @RenegadeFLIP I still use thalnos, but for spell power I also have evolved kobold, He's pretty sweet to help control the board with spells, and I've even used him to finish off face with a couple swipes! and moonfire's 18 damage is no joke! especially since you can often manage quite a bit of damage just with the minions against specific decks. I haven't really tested malygos alone after gadgetzan. I'm currently running a jade maly hybrid that does decently.
  • martel2010 #11 2 years ago
    is it okay to change baron with harrison?
  • RenegadeFLIP #12 2 years ago
    Substitute for Thalnos?
  • Bedders #13 2 years ago
    @PerfectFaro Yep, sorry, those were accidentally left there in the table tweaking.
  • PerfectFaro #14 2 years ago
    This deck has 32 cards. I assume the second set of Innervates are redundant?
  • Bedders #15 2 years ago
    @martel2010 Not without quite severely hobbling the power of the deck I don't think. He's there so you can drop your Malygos and a load of firepower onto your opponent on a single turn - and there's no substitute for that effect given you have the Innervates already.

    Sorry if I don't reply to any follow-up questions for a while by the way, as I'm neck-deep in BlizzCon coverage at the moment!
  • martel2010 #16 2 years ago
    any subtitute for emperor?
  • tonysenpai #17 2 years ago
    with what card yogg could be replaced
  • Klck #18 2 years ago
    @JustSaiyan i would craft fandral first.
  • JustSaiyan #19 2 years ago
    Should i craft Fandral or Yogg
  • Klck #20 2 years ago
    @Bedders yogg seems to be in same place as before nerf, a little bit weaker but still standing. I already experienced yoggs that killed themselves by first spell, but odds are still on our side. Its better for us to yogg suicide than cast astral communication what he is able to do since created.
  • Bedders #21 2 years ago
    @aychexsee Honestly I don't have a firm opinion of him yet, post-nerf. My gut feeling is that he'll carry on doing what he does as some kind of comeback mechanic, just not as ridiculously useful as before!

    In my day-to-day play, I don't play a lot of Yogg decks so I'm kind of waiting for a consensus to emerge along with everyone else. Sorry I can't be more helpful! Hopefully someone with a greater affinity for him will be able to shed some more light.
  • aychexsee #22 2 years ago
    @Bedders you guys have any idea what do to about the substitution on yogg? since the nerf on him, its rather disgusting what happens.
  • Bedders #23 2 years ago
    @Klck Yeah it's really tough to pick the definitive version of this deck right now. I'm going to keep one eye out on this to see which proves to be the most viable version - I really don't want multiple takes of the same thing on the site if I can at all afford it.

    Apologies for being quiet over the last week or so btw, it's a very busy time at the moment and it's sometimes tricky to stay on top of all the latest!
  • Klck #24 2 years ago
    There are much cards which would fit in here, but theres no space. Every single card here is a core card or auto included. Malygos druid is deck im playing the most this season and my version is 100% same as Yours.
  • Lokojet #25 2 years ago
    @Klck Yeah, I was trying a couple of decks including that tauren taunt and also Abomination, actually I won some games beacuse N'Zoth resurrected 2 abominations, those 4 extra damage were lethal haha
  • Klck #26 2 years ago
    @Lokojet hard to find anything to replace yogg. N'zoth with some taunt minions is a way, but surely not in spell based deck. If i would be in ur position, i wouldnt look for yogg replacement but just +1 card, and probably cheap one, beeing faster is nothing bad. I would recommend "mulch" as its really good and not considered here. If you dont have and dont want to craft it, 2nd portal is a budget option.
  • Lokojet #27 2 years ago
    @Klck Thanks for your comment! What card do you think could replace Yogg to recover from losing condition? (class or neutral)
    I crafted N'Zoth, however it was not strong as I thought in order to recover.
  • Klck #28 2 years ago
    @fanap i wouldnt play any druid without fandral.@Lokojet Actualy Yogg got wrong name, he should be called hope begining. Its not a wincon, i would rather say "not losing condition". You dont use him to win, You use him to ressurect from lost position. You can play without yogg as he isnt core card here.
  • fanap #29 2 years ago
    Yogg is fun but I always end up hurting myself with it.
    Love this deck though.
    Who would you guys sub in for Fandral if you haven't crafted him yet?
  • Lokojet #30 2 years ago
    @Blazev@Bedders Thanks for your comments. I think I won't place him in my priority list for now, it may be really fun but I have to craft some others before like Thalnos and Leeroy.
    I also would like to craft Harrison Jones but not sure if it will be really needed (thinking in Medivh staff and Spirit Claws), you think so?
    In addition, do you think Medivh would fit in this Maly Druid Deck?
  • Bedders #31 2 years ago
    @Lokojet This deck is a bit of a new kid on the block at the moment, and is everyone's hot new tip - but who knows for how long? I would always advise holding back on crafting expensive cards if you've a limited amount of dust and the deck archetype hasn't been established as strong for at least a month.

    Having said that, some of our favourite decks are Yogg decks just for the fun, so I guess it depends on how much you value that as much as anything :-)

    (Yogg is also used in quite a few competitive decks, so it's not like it's this one or bust! We've got a guide for Secret Hunter coming later on today I hope.)
  • Blazev #32 2 years ago
    hey there! In my opinion this kind of decks are more fun than competitive. I never tried this specific deck but all the maly-based decks i have tried so far did not reach a very high win rate on ladder, however there are many matchups when you draw good and beat any deck, and by beating i mean smashing their "gutts" like no other:)). yogg-saron on the other hand is a win condition on its own sometimes and can make in a whole lot of decks these days even if sometimes the RNG isnt in your favour, i would say most of the time it is. Its up to you to decide if its worth crafting him. Good luck!
  • Lokojet #33 2 years ago
    Hey guys, this deck looks really nice. Actually I don't have Yogg Saron, would you highly recommend me to craft him despite nerf rumors or ban in some tournaments??
    If so, I would like to use him in many different decks, for example I'm thinking in a hunter deck with Lock and Load, it may have good synergy with Yogg Saron, however I haven't seen this deck in the ladder or tournaments, do you think it would be good as competitive?