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Kinguin Easter 2015 – TidesofTime final decklists - Hearthstone

Every deck used by TidesofTime in the Kinguin Easter final.

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The Kinguin Easter charity tournament concluded last night, with Andrew "TidesofTime" Biessener emerging as the ultimate victor from his final match against Keaton "Chakki" Gill, the player who's perhaps best known for his famous take on the classic Face Hunter deck archetype.

Nothing too revolutionary was used as part of the winning decklist strategy, although there's no substitute for fantastic play under pressure. Below you can find all of the winning decks used by TidesofTime in the final, along with a few brief notes about the individual decks themselves.

Kinguin Easter charity tournament 2015 – TidesofTime's Druid

Fatigue Druid's enjoying a burst of popularity at the moment, and Tides' take on the deck requires you to force your opponent to draw down through their deck, while you control the board, keep your health topped up at all stages of the match, and ultimately lock the opponent out of the match with cards like Volcanic Lumberer.

Kinguin Easter charity tournament 2015 – TidesofTime's Hunter

The tried and tested Face Hunter deck archetype, although Snake Trap will certainly help you catch a few players off guard.

Kinguin Easter charity tournament 2015 – TidesofTime's Demon Zoo

Demon Zoo's remained a solid deck in the emerging Blackrock Mountain metagame, and you'll find those Sea Giants provide you with some serious weight on the board if you can get a few cheap minions to sprout from Imp Gang Boss.

Kinguin Easter charity tournament 2015 – TidesofTime's Warrior

A fairly conventional Control Warrior deck. You've almost certainly played against this deck before, and should have a good understanding of both its strengths and its weaknesses in the current metagame.

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