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Hearthstone deck guide: Sjow's Feign Death Hunter - July 2015 - Hearthstone

How to get started with Feign Death Hunter.

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On the off-chance you've grown ever-so slightly bored of mindlessly ramming your Face Hunter's message home, but you don't fancy any more Midrange, are there any other options for fans of this particular Hero?

Well, Feign Death Hunter is an archetype that's faded in and out of fashion over the last few months, and it's about time we put this fun Deathrattle-themed deck under the spotlight. Here's what you need to know about getting started with Sjow's version of the deck this month.

Sjow's Feign Death Hunter strategy guide

This is a really fun deck to play, and people are so used to seeing Face and Midrange Hunters dominate the ladder that they'll very rarely see the surprise you have in store coming. To play the deck, you want to develop your board on curve just as you always would, and gradually field more and more Deathrattle minions onto the board.

Once you've gone beyond around Turn 5, you then use Feign Death to trigger the Deathrattle effect of your minions. The original creature survives, but you suddenly receive whatever goodies they'd usually unleash at the moment of death. For maximum amusement, you can then ram the vanilla creature into an enemy minion, and trigger the Deathrattle again - ho ho ho.

It's a bit of a first-world problem to have, but keep an eye on the size of your board, so that you don't run out of space to actually squeeze in all of your minions. If you've run into this problem though, you've probably already won the game.

Sjow's Feign Death Hunter Mulligan guide

There's nothing too complicated about Mulliganing for the Feign Death Hunter. Keep any of your drops that cost between one and two Mana, and include the Animal Companion or Eaglehorn Bow if you've got the first two slots taken care of.

From here, simply work with what you draw into your hand, and don't be afraid to start pulling the trigger on your Hero Power if you have spare Mana. Every extra bit of pressure helps, after all.

Sjow's Feign Death Hunter card combos and synergies

If you've not played Feign Death Hunter before, you need to get on top of all of the most important card interactions in the deck. Here's everything you need to know about squeezing the most out of this deck.

- No surprises for guessing that Feign Death plays particularly well with the Deathrattle minions in this deck. If you've read this far, you should know how this works by now...

- Mad Scientist can and should be used to trigger all of your Secrets. Get them on the board in the early game, then use the Secrets to frustrate your opponent's development.

- Unleash the Hounds can be used with Hunter's Mark to remove even the most stubborn of enemy minions.

- Eaglehorn Bow gets an extra point of Durability if a Secret's triggered while you have it in your hand. Try to get this bonus effect whenever you use the Bow, as it can really help push you over the finishing line.

- Haunted Creeper's a fun card to use with Hunter's Mark, as you not only get to destroy a big enemy minion, you also get a couple of minions to play with afterwards.

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  • Bedders #1 6 years ago
    Hey there! Credit to the deck maker, Sjow - we just write 'em up. Glad you found it useful though and good luck with the rest of the ladder climb this season!
  • jonathanbrendonshari #2 6 years ago
    Thank you so much for putting this deck together. I've gone from 50% win rate stuck in rank 16 to winning almost none stop, currently at rank 12 my highest ever. Havnt hit a wall yet, I think my win rate 80-90% with this deck so far.